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Perhaps you’ve been looking at your full calendar and your patient wait list with concern for months. Or maybe you’re a maxed out entrepreneur who’s hit a ceiling on how many clients you can see and also market your practice at the same time. All you know is that something has to change.

Conflicted with your inability to see more clients or grow your practice you’ve started to read about group and online health programs. You’re wondering how technology can help.

The online world sure is complicated isn’t it? Questions start to pop into your mind, like who’s going to sign up for our online health program, how do you enrol people, where do you host it, how do you make videos … the list of questions is enormous and it freezes you.

Your idea gets put on hold. It’s time to take action.

You can have more time in your schedule, provide better care for your people and help more clients. I know this because I was there.

Hi, I am Stephanie

... a Registered Dietitian and founder, lead facilitator at The Leveraged Practice. I opened my clinic the Clairmont Digestive Clinic in Waterloo, Ontario in 2011 and helped hundreds of people end their IBS struggle.

After about a year, clients started coming to me from all over Ontario, driving up to 3 hours to see me for a one hour appointment in my clinic. People started asking if they could work with me from across Canada, even Internationally. So my practice started offering remote counselling.

At the same time, I was getting maxed out with how many clients I could support and the waitlist started to grow. As my practice filled up, I increased my prices. And I started to realize not everyone could access the life-changing program I was delivering one to one with my clients.

Millions of people were struggling with IBS and there wasn’t a good solution for them. I hired another dietitian, but we still knew something more could be done.


My clinic was maxed out, but people needed us.

I started to learn about teaching online. There were a few different platforms available that were helping people like me create an online course. I looked at plugins for my website, how to hire a developer, and LMS tools. It sounded expensive, complicated and beyond me.

But I knew it was possible. So I jumped in and built my first online program “Beat the Bloat”. It was 5 short videos with downloadable resources hosted on my own website with a plugin. It was NOT perfect at all, but I got it out there. And ten people signed up!

Once I ran this first program, I realized I needed to rebuild it to be more comprehensive. My second program was launched, “Figuring out FODMAPs” as a 12 week online program. I hosted it on a platform which took away some of the stress. But integrations and email marketing was getting me down. The platform also restricted me to what I could do.Over the next year I rebuilt the program 3 more times, used a variety of platforms and finally built my own membership site on WordPress from scratch. It was frustrating, I struggled, I stopped seeing clients and making money to focus on building this online program I knew could help so many more people.

The puzzle pieces started coming together.

It became easier the more I ran the program, the more people I put in. I grew my membership to over 250 clients who were working through my protocol, getting real results and changing their lives. No longer struggling with gas, bloating, constipation, pain or diarrhea - my online program worked!

It took me over 3 years to figure out what truly worked. I needed to learn how to teach health online, how to do the work I did one to one in an online group AND what technology was the simplest and best to serve my people.

Once I did this, I created a systematized plan and started sharing it with colleages—and it worked!

My dietitian clients were able to identify their ideal audience and offer an online group program. This allowed them to see more clients, with less time and create accessible affordable health care for people.


I finally figured out a plan to help other health practitioners do what I did, in WAY less time. What took me 3 years, took them 3 months.

As a dietitian, I continue to offer a step-by-step online program where I support clients struggling with IBS. We’ve put more than 1000 clients into the program over the last year and continue to grow.

As an expert online health program creator, I’ve been supporting colleagues for over two years to do the same.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend years like I did reading books, journal articles, trying different platforms, re-recording your videos, trying to figure out what works.

You don’t have to get stuck in the overwhelm and steep learning curve of how to teach online. The plan has been tested and implemented by myself and other health professionals like you in their practice.

I’ve been focused on building the simplest, most effective way to bring your professional expertise into an online program.

Who We Are:

Our Mission

Our mission is to help health professionals leverage their expertise to offer online programs in their practice.

Our Philosophy

We believe regulated health professionals have incredible expertise that must be shared with the world and through an online program then can help more people improve their health.

We believe that by empowering more health professionals to educate online, we can make a larger impact on the world and improve more lives.

We believe health care can be made accessible and affordable to all by creating exceptional learning experiences with digital tools.

We value quality education that serves the client or patient. We focus on teaching our students how to provide an interactive, engaging experience so their clients achieve results within their online program

Company Overview

Stephanie has been delivering training workshops to health professionals since 2012 both online and in-person. She has been serving health professionals with her trainings and consultations in regards to entrepreneurship and online program creation in the health space since 2016. All of this past work was delivered under the previous brand RDworkshops.com and is being leveraged to offer all programs under The Leveraged Practice.


We have extensive experience with traditional and non-traditional media. For all media inquiries, podcast interviews, or partnership requests, please contact us.

Private Consultation

Our founder, Stephanie Clairmont, is available for private consultation to work with your company to build your online program. Contact us through the website to book a call and discuss your project.

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