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The Business Building Mentorship (The BBM)

You want to grow a business, make an impact and help more people. You know you’re meant to do bigger things than what you're doing right now.

You’ve joined a couple email lists, watched a few webinars and listened to some podcasts. There are a lot of options on how to build this business,  but you're not sure what will work in the health industry. You’re full of ideas for programs and classes and coaching, with no cohesive step by step plan.

Perhaps you've planned or launched your website, started an instagram account and are wondering if you should accept insurance. You feel overwhelmed and unsure what the first step is. With a giant list of to-do’s, you’re not sure how or even if you can do this entrepreneur thing.


Or perhaps you’ve started your practice and have seen a few clients over the last few months but aren’t getting any momentum. You lack consistency and systems and feel like you’re playing a guessing game trying to figure out what to do to get consistent clients through your doors.

You’re constantly getting distracted by all webinars, online courses and free Facebook groups full of advice, what is going to work for you?

They didn’t teach you how to build a health business in school, nor did they share with you how to grow a leveraged practice doing more than one to one counselling, only making money when you see clients. There's got to be more to it than this...

You want to build a health practice that you can grow.

How would it feel to have a vision for your business and a clear plan to follow? Every week you know the time you invest in your business will result in more impact, more clients and more revenue coming in.

You feel confident in the program you offer to potential clients and you're working towards growth. It feels good to go to work for yourself.

Each month you have actionable advice to implement, a community to feedback from, and a mentor guiding you through what's working right now in the health field. You have confidence that you're investing your energy in the right things.


That’s what you’ll get in the Business Building Mentorship (the BBM).

Hey there, I’m Stephanie.

Registered Dietitian, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Leveraged Practice (previously RD Workshops). After investing years and years developing the business building skills I needed and spending tens of thousands of dollars on programs, coaches and lessons - I finally figured out how to make 6-figures. Not just that, I figured out how to continue to grow my business, create new offers, and help more people. I’ve created a leveraged practice where I don’t just trade an hour of my time for money, although this is a part of my business.

As a working mother, and visionary, I'm focused on creating space for myself in life. My business in growing in a direction that allows me to work remotely, spend less time at my desk and more time in the things that matter to me like babies and beaches.

As a regulated health professional, this can be a bit tricky. I believe it’s important to go beyond one to one client care in order to have a business that gives you freedom to step away. In our work together I teach using experience owning a practice since 2011, marketing and sales strategies that are working right now in the health industry, and the lessons from working with other health professionals. I'm still active in my own online health practice, as your guide, I’m testing and tweaking the very same strategies I teach.

This is a Mentorship.

Building the foundation to your business so you can be more decisive with your efforts is the beginning. As you work through our time together, you'll create a solid offer and get more clients into your practice.

For the lifetime of the program, you'll have access to updated resources, tools, and our active community. So you can continue to grow your practice.

Made by a registered health professional for health professionals, this isn’t another DIY course. It’s a 6-month program with your like-minded people, where you belong. You can focus your attention for the next 6 months on making real progress in your business instead of bouncing around from one idea to the next.

In the BBM, you’ll get…

  • A strong step-by-step plan to build the foundation to your business allowing you to make decisions with ease and grow your practice.
  • Actionable, practical strategies from a seasoned health entrepreneur that are working right now in the business of health and nutrition.
  • Connections to other ambitious dietitians who are creating innovative programs, practices and businesses, unlike any other community.

What’s Included:

6 Months of Coaching

Bi-weekly calls with Stephanie and the other BBM members

Personalized Advice

Your questions answered each week so you don't get stuck

Connected Community

Group support to connect with others and learn what’s working in real life

Video Lessons

Watch convenient, quick trainings on-the-go

Business Plan Worksheets

An actionable fillable plan you progress through each week

39 Templates & Examples

Save hundreds of hours with tweakable templates for health professionals



Stephanie, enrolling in your program has to be one of the smartest investments I’ve made in my business. Without your program I would still be lamenting what “my thing” was going to be. I’d been helping patients for a long time and my next biz idea was eminent, I just didn’t know where to start. Your support and encouragement helped me make the jump. Now, finishing up Season 3, I’ve found my sweet spot in size, and I owe it all to your workshop, your support and your desire to truly make dietitians successful. Thank you!!!

Martha McHenry
Smart Plate Nutrition


Before starting with Stephanie and the BBM program, I knew I wanted to start a business, I knew mostly who I wanted to work with, but I didn't know how to go about getting started! I felt overwhelmed at the daunting list of things I thought I needed before I could get started. Joining the BBM program was the best decision I could have made for my business. Through the BBM community, office hours, and the business plan lessons created by Stephanie, plus her ongoing guidance and direction, I have been able to identify what steps are truly necessary, find clarity in my business, create a plan, and put it into action to get my business started in just 3 short months! I can't imagine being this far into the process if it weren't for the BBM program. Having Stephanie and the entire BBM community has been pricelss as I jumped into this entrepreneurial journey.

Kathryn Spada RDN, LDN

Social Success


Payment Plan

$255 / month for 6 months

  • 6 months of group calls
  • Lifetime access to the community
  • Lifetime access to the program resources

One Payment

$1199 one time payment

  • 6 months of group calls
  • Lifetime access to the community
  • Lifetime access to the program resources

BBM is for you if:

  • You’re want to start a health business or practice and need help.
  • You are in the first couple of years of your business and are struggling to get regular clients in. You lack strategic business plan.
  • You want to build a leveraged business that gives you freedom. This will include offers more than one-to-one counselling like group programs, online courses, memberships or other digital, scalable products.
  • You are coachable, meaning, you're ready to hear and take advice.
  • You are ready to take action and bring this dream, this vision you have for a greater service or product or program to life in the next 6 months.
Joyful cute beautiful attractive glad clever manager is sitting at the table in her bright well-equiped office and chatting with colleagues via the internet

BBM is not for you if:

  • You’re running a successful business with a full client roster.
  • You want to create and run a brick and mortar one-to-one practice.
  • You don't like to take advice from anyone and are defensive with the efforts and choices you are currently making in your work.
  • You don't want to be brave and put yourself out there in the world to do the work that needs to be done to grow your audience and reach people.
  • You want to focus the next 6 months on creating and launching an online program for your busy practice (see The Leveraged Practice Workshop).

Contact us info@stephanieclairmont.

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