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Accountability Advisor

by March 9, 2021

POSITION: Accountability Advisor
COMPANY: The Leveraged Practice
REPORTING TO: CEO, Stephanie Clairmont
STATUS: Full-time employee (37-40 hours per week)
LOCATION: Remote, Canadian resident
START DATE: April 5, 2021

The Leveraged Practice is seeking to add a supportive mentor and coach to our growing team. This individual will guide, support and push for continuous progress as program members go through our intensive business training programs.

We provide a structured program format for the advisors to facilitate complete with templates, worksheets and a progressive curriculum.

Ideal candidates will have business and/or coaching experience (athletic, business, etc) and can demonstrate the ability to confidently convey feedback and direction in a non-emotional, yet supportive way. Must love systems and enjoy finding ways to consistently innovate for improved results.

Memory and notetaking to facilitate progressive conversations and truly valuable relationships are essential. Communication skills both written and verbal will be the key determining factor for success.

Must be willing to invest heavily in going through our programs and truly becoming an expert in the models and systems we teach. We are open to individuals who have sold a business of their own in the past or have had career experience that lends itself well to the key career requirements.

If you are looking for a dynamic role with a growing start-up company and want a career in the creative online space, please send your portfolio and examples of your work.

This unique and dynamic full-time role is perfect for an individual who desires to work with people and help them succeed. Candidates must display high energy, exceptional organization and the ability to communicate in a clear and succinct way.

Job Details:

This is a full-time, permanent position with room to grow into your career with our company. The work is Monday to Friday, general business hours. Apply only if you are Canadian.

You’re perfect for The Leveraged Practice if…

  • You are a self-starter; you can anticipate needs and take action.
  • You are dependable, optimistic, and accountable.
  • You honor your boundaries and have the ability to not overcommit.
  • You care deeply about people and are driven to make a difference.
  • You have ambition and a desire to contribute and change the world, yet have a calm nature and are not overly aggressive.
  • You are extremely tech-savvy and have experience, or can easily learn online tools such as Zoom, Voxer, Facebook, Google Suite, Freshdesk, Canva, etc.
  • You are a deep, thoughtful listener and seek to understand where others are coming from rather than needing to be "right".
  • You are present and professional.
  • You are intelligent and an out of the box thinker.
  • You demonstrate excellence in verbal and written communication.
  • You are a natural leader, teacher and educator. You love sharing what you know and helping others.
  • You love entrepreneurship and empowering others to grow their business and change their lives
  • You’re curious about business start-ups and excited in learning more about marketing strategy, sales, live events, online marketing, mentorship and overall business strategy
  • You have the ability to identify gaps in the education curriculum to ensure better outcomes for clients who are learning and implementing.
  • You are up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing, selling and online business.
  • You have strong knowledge and experience on mentoring and coaching others.
  • You can handle direct communication and thrive with direct feedback
  • You are an effective communicator - proactive in outreach, professional in delivery.
  • You are assertive and speak the truth at all times.
  • You can think creatively to problem-solve and navigate through a roadblock.
  • You are strategic and able to get to meet deadlines.
  • You are a team player with a proven track record in working effectively with cross-functional teams.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Conducting 30 minute accountability calls with members of our programs every day
  • Going live weekly for office hours in our private group to answer questions and support members on implementation
  • Going live weekly in free group and other social media as needed to share expertise and allow potential clients to get to know you
  • Proactively reaching out to each of your client members weekly minimum for text check ins and scheduling for next hot seat and accountability call
  • Connecting with client members via email, text, IG and FB messenger as needed
  • Learn the program membership site inside and out
  • Review 2-3 trainings per day in the program member site until complete then continue again
  • Daily documentation on progress of each member you spoke to and team
    communication around next steps
  • Scheduling members for laser coaching with Stephanie or other team coaches as necessary - know which member’s are showing up - join the live calls and tag the people not showing up
  • Login to office hours when needed to see who’s on and follow up with members
  • Soliciting feedback and escalating questions concerns and feedback
  • Yielding consistent referrals and introductions to new potential clients from existing ones
  • Coming up with innovative ideas, suggestions and proactive actions to be taken to grow
  • Supporting Stephanie in developing new curriculum, handouts and trainings
  • Responsible for tracking, measuring and documenting each members progress and
  • Correctly assessing next steps and yielding testimonials driven by wins achieved in the Program
  • Involved in supporting new members within our client onboarding process, orientation and activation
  • Other customer service and operations tasks as needed and related to this role

About The Leveraged Practice

The Leveraged Practice supports health professionals and clinicians in taking their expertise and bringing it online in engaging, results-driven group programs. Founded by Stephanie Clairmont, trained as a Registered Dietitian, who became an entrepreneur early in her career and has been offering online programs since 2013.

With a full life as a working mother of a young family, Stephanie teaches and supports her clients in attaining a fulfilling career that can be balanced with a healthy, happy lifestyle and home life. With years of experience in the online program field, 13 online programs, 80+ launches, The Leveraged Practice is the industry leader for health professionals who want to offer health or professional development programs and change the world with their expertise.

by March 9, 2021

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