Executive Assistant - The Leveraged Practice

Executive Assistant

COMPANY: The Leveraged Practice
STATUS: Full-time employee (37-40 hours per week)
LOCATION: In-person and Remote, Canadian resident
STARTING SALARY: $36,000 to $41,000

The Leveraged Practice is seeking to add it’s next member to our rapidly growing team. This individual will guide, support and push for continuous progress as program members go through our intensive business training programs and support the CEO directly.

This is a unique and dynamic full-time role, perfect for an individual who desires to work with people and help them succeed. Candidates must display high energy, exceptional organization and the ability to communicate in a clear and succinct way.

We provide a structured program format for our team to facilitate coaching programs; this person will have a critical role in supporting our CEO and our team to provide world-class support and services to our clients.

Ideal candidates will have experience in small or start-up business, working as an EA to a CEO and/or education in business administration/marketing. You can demonstrate the ability to confidently convey feedback and direction in a non-emotional, yet supportive way. Must love systems, spreadsheets and enjoy finding ways to consistently innovate for improved results.

Memory and notetaking to facilitate progressive conversations and truly valuable relationships are essential. Communication skills both written and verbal will be the key determining factor for success.

Must be willing to invest heavily in going through our programs and truly understanding the models and systems we teach. We are open to individuals who have sold a business of their own in the past or have had career experience that lends itself well to the key career requirements.

Job Details

This is a full-time, permanent position with room to grow into your career with our company. Starting salary is $36,000 to $41,000, with opportunity for bonus pay. This includes 3 weeks paid vacation, and flexible work-from home capacity. You will be needed in person several days per week to work with the CEO, so please only apply if you are local.

Responsabilities Included

  • Completes a variety of tasks for the CEO including managing appointments, coordinating schedules, composing emails, arranging travel plans, etc.
  • Acts as a concierge for client success in Membership Programs, managing communication and providing exceptional customer service
  • Supports other team members with processes, procedures and helping to build systems for marketing, sales and service delivery
  • Develop and implement quality assurance checks, compiling and analyzing data/feedback, ensuring world class service
  • Support the various teams with tracking, spreadsheets and creating reports.
  • Facilitate new client process to ensure successful and simple onboarding, as well as offboarding with past clients to maintain good relationships.
  • Assist the CEO with social media, helping to take photos, create videos and upload to variou platforms.
  • Act as a liaison to manage billing and other financial tasks to connect and communicate with the company bookkeeper and accountant
  • Work closely with the CEO to build relationships and manage a variety of special projects
  • Support with team hiring, vacation requests and other items.
  • Managing technical pieces for the organization as a whole such as creating invoices, managing usernames and passwords, creating documents in Gsuite, creating and providing links for various programs, etc.

About The Leveraged Practice

The Leveraged Practice supports health professionals and clinicians in taking their expertise and bringing it online in engaging, results-driven group programs. Founded by Stephanie Clairmont, trained as a Registered Dietitian, who became an entrepreneur early in her career and has been offering online programs since 2013. With a full life as a working mother of a young family, Stephanie teaches and supports her clients in attaining a fulfilling career that can be balanced with a healthy, happy lifestyle and home life. With years of experience in the online program field, 13 online programs, 80+ launches, The Leveraged Practice is the industry leader for health professionals who want to offer health or professional development programs and change the world with their expertise.

Apply Now:

If you are looking for a dynamic role with a growing start-up company and want a career in the creative online space truly making a difference, please submit a cover letter that describes why you would be the best fit for this role within our company and resume to support@theleveragedpractice.com

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