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Health professionals like you are having their highest-grossing months and helping more clients than ever - all while working less one to one clinical hours.

“I created and launched my first online course...
And I far exceeded my revenue expectation”

Charlene Kennedy, Registered Dietitian

Your practice is booming. Your calendar is fully booked. You’re grateful that business is so successful, but you know can’t keep working at this pace.

Raising your prices, again, isn't going to help.

Because you’re overworked and at capacity...

Feeling wiped after a full day of back-to-back clients and having to do it tomorrow, the next day, and every weekday that ends in complete burn out.

Taking on extra projects, writing your book, and consulting outside of regular office hours just so you can make extra money to add to your bottom line.

You’re trapped in the private practice rat race. It’s out of control, especially since each hour with a client has the ‘sunk cost’ of time spent on charts, faxing reports… all the extra time that medical stuff takes, but your client never gets billed for.

And you’ve done the math,

It’s simply not possible to have the lifestyle you want
while only taking one-on-one clients

You want to be there

. . . for the special moments with your family.  You’d love to work from home sometimes so you could spend less time on the road and more time with your kiddos.

You dream of working differently

You know there's more than just one to one clients out there you can help. You love what you do, but want to do it on your terms - to be in control, and to change your workday. You'd love to spend a few days a week working on your business, teaching or working in a group setting. Hey even one day a week just to yourself for self-care sounds great!

The world of health is changing

So many people need your help, but your time is limited.  Your mission is way bigger than who you can see on a weekly basis. It would be fulfilling to really make a change in the lives of more people by making your expertise accessible. And you know there's got to be a better way!

I bet it’s crossed your mind that

You need to create an online program

In fact, you might be a little frustrated with yourself for putting this off...

Because if you’d started this when you first had the idea, you wouldn’t be stuck feeling overworked, underpaid, and under serving people who desperately need you.

But if you haven’t built your program yet, you’re not alone.

With over 6 years of experience in creating successful online health programs, we know

3 ways smart practitioners like you get hung up

  • clock-face


    Every single minute of your workday is already accounted for. When do you squeeze it in? At the same time, you know it’s gotta happen because you can’t go on like this. It’s the Catch-22 of a successful clinician.

    Being pressed for time feels like a barrier, but it’s actually a GOOD sign - and means this is the right time to create your program.

  • 6-months-of-live-office-hours


    How do you transform what you do one-to-one, and make it work for many? And how should your group coaching program be structured to deliver great results?

    You know so much that it’s hard to refine it into a product. You want something concrete that’s ready to launch (finally!) so you can help more people in less time.

  • planning_workbook_online_training


    The actual logistics of creating an online program is overwhelming and feels so far out of your comfort zone. You’re a health professional, you don’t speak tech.

    Here’s the thing. You don’t need to know every platform out there, just the one that’s right for you. It’s simple and lets you focus on what you do best - serving clients.

Maybe you’ve tried putting a program together and came up against these roadblocks head on.

If so, you’re not alone. Here’s why...

Building a successful online health program is completely counterintuitive

It even goes against what online course experts teach.

Selling health is different. What works in other industries doesn’t apply to us (hello, testimonials!)

A generic 'course about how to create a course’ doesn’t address the particular challenges we face as health professionals.

And if you’ve been creating a program on your own and have been stuck in draft mode for months (or years), you’re in the right spot.

There’s nothing I love more than selling out a program that will change my client’s lives. (All from the comfort of my home working the hours that work best for me!)

And after successfully launching online health and professional programs 85+ times, and helping others do the same, I’ve got the tried-tested-proven way to create a program which makes for healthier clients and bank accounts...

It's all included in

The Leveraged Practice Program

The complete A-Z process to develop & launch an online health program.

This 12 month program gives you all the tools, feedback, and support you need to create your leveraged practice.

This is the quickest, most effective way to build a successful online program. Using my process, clinicians like you have launched in as little as 8 weeks. 


“One of the smartest investments I’ve made in my business”

“Stephanie, enrolling in your program has to be one of the smartest investments I’ve made in my business. Without your program I would still be lamenting what “my thing” was going to be. I’d been helping patients for a long time and my next biz idea was eminent, I just didn’t know where to start. Your support and encouragement helped me make the jump.

Now, finishing up Season 3, I’ve found my sweet spot in size, and I owe it all to your workshop, your support and your desire to truly make dietitians successful. Thank you!!! “

Martha McHenry

Smart Plate Nutrition

Build your leveraged practice step-by-step

The Leveraged Practice Process is your roadmap to offering an online program clients love and growing it into a successful revenue stream for your practice. Our team guides you through the process with training and coaching.

Let’s see how this breaks down...


Market Research

Here you establish the Big Vision for your program. Validate the idea and identify what problem it solves.

Successful sales and growth of your program relies on this first step. You’ll clarify your ideal client and ‘get inside their head’ so you know EXACTLY what they need from your program to get an effortless “yes!”


Development & Delivery

Engineer your program so that it's engaging and fosters change in your clients. Learn how to structure or re-structure your program so that clients get results, share their success and tell all their friends or colleagues.

Incorporate the best strategies to educate, communicate and support your clients within your program. Create a unique product a.k.a. program so it stands out in the market and is the obvious choice for your ideal clients.


Enrolment Plan

Now that you have a program, time to get people in it! After documenting, testing, and tweaking program launches over 80 times, you get my ‘best of the best’ proven strategies so you can launch as seamlessly as possible.

I even give you my top-performing emails and suggestions for social selling. It gives you 80% of the launch collateral you need - just tailor them so it suits your program and press send.


Debrief & Evaluate

After you’ve delivered your program, see what worked and where you want to improve for next time.

I give you my sales tracking spreadsheet so you get a “birds eye view” of your enrolment process. You'll understand what to look for and change so you can optimize each time you open enrolment.


Program Evolution

Get feedback from your clients and have them show you the way to make your program even better.

Make data-driven improvements, no second-guessing if you’re on the right track.

Map out and make those changes - and have your program ready to launch again!


Advanced Marketing & Sales

Once you've got your program out in the world the first time, now it's time to grow, increase clients and make more sales. You'll learn marketing strategies that are working right now, how to advance your sales process and convert more potential customers into paying clients.

In these modules you'll learn about webinars, live series, sales language and improve your conversions.


Expansive Growth

With a proven product, results for your clients, and sales coming in, it's time to build a program into a business.

You'll learn how to set up processes and automations to run things smoothly, delegate to your team (including hiring your first assistant if needed), and continue to grow your audience to reach more people and increase your reach.

The leveraged practice program

Get 12 months of full support, accountability, and feedback to offer your clients a results-driven program

Accountability & Support

Work with a team who knows you. Our entire team connects to work on your plan, get to know your business and your goals. You will participate in group coaching sessions weekly with Stephanie, expert advisors and other facilitators to learn, apply and succeed. 

Get one-to-one attention weekly with your own accountability coach. In your work together, your coach will connect with you weekly via email or on social media, to check-in, answer questions, and provide feedback.

You will also get one 30-minute private zoom call with your accountability coach per month to connect more deeply and work towards your growth.

Resource Library

Save thousands of dollars and tons of time with the Resource Library that’s full of ready-to-use templates:

Emails to launch your program
Emails to run your program
Professionally designed slide decks
Canva graphics
Instagram promotion plan

… even a course template on my preferred online course platform which will be set up for you in your account.

These are all launch-tested, buyer-approved templates taken straight from my own successful programs.

Weekly Trainings

Each week one of our TLP Advisors, experts in their field , will teach a live workshop, Q&A and/or provide direct feedback.

The topics are centered on the areas you need help with now - social media, marketing strategy, sales, copywriting and business growth.

These trainings are planned in areas that will help you nurture your audience, create a great program and increase sales.


Tap into our private community of other health practitioners who get it.

There’s always someone there to bounce ideas off of, and these are the RIGHT people you need advice from, not someone who's just repeating what they heard on a podcast in a large general Facebook group .

You’re just a post away from getting support and guidance right when you need it.

So let’s recap all you get…

  • The Leveraged Practice Training on video or podcast so you create a successful online program at your own pace

  • Weekly laser coaching sessions with direct feedback from Stephanie  

  • Weekly accountability coaching with your own coach to keep you moving forward

  • The Resource Library with plug-and-play tools and templates

  • Weekly trainings with expert advisors to help you market & sell your offer

  • A private community of health practitioners for support, guidance and feedback

Hear from health professionals who’ve created their own leveraged practice


"I contacted Stephanie after a year trying to figure out how to get an online course up and running on my own.

After a year of running my online courses and workshops, I have had the opportunity to support almost 300 dietitians worldwide! Stephanie combines her experience as a dietitian with technical information and marketing know-how to help any dietitian feel confident developing a successful online course."

Shawna Melbourn

Founder of ED for RDs: Eating Disorder Education for Registered Dietitians

"Before enrolling in TLP, I had created and launched one mini self-paced course. My launch went ok, but I quickly learned what I needed more help and support with. I joined TLP because I felt overwhelmed with the thought of building a larger online course...

I launched an 8-week live, online course two weeks after finishing TLP, hit my goal enrollment numbers, and am now making plans for my round 2 re-launch. I would have never had the confidence, or set aside the time to sit down and create the course, if I hadn't been part of TLP."

Alissa Rumsey

Founder of Alissa Rumsey Nutrition and Wellness
Creator of the Body Image Reboot

"Before TLP I had an idea and nothing else. I had no clue where to start…

The Leveraged Practice Program helped save me time and kept me focused. My idea has turned into a fully functioning online course that is robust and operates smoothly… TLP gave me an excellent road map to create a product that I’m excited to have out in the world and that is actually reaching people who need it. "

Carolina Guizar


"It felt like I was playing a guessing game trying to figure out what to do next all on my own. Stephanie provided clear strategies and systems that worked and help me launch programs to two very different audiences. She has helped me develop a system I can use to launch my online programs again and again.

After working with Stephanie for only 2.5 months, I not only made back my investment but I also increased my income and have built a sustainable business."

Nazima Qureshi

Registered Dietitian & Muslim Nutrition Expert

My Story

About Stephanie

Stephanie has been teaching her whole life. After becoming a dietitian and starting her own practice, she quickly saw the need to leverage her expertise with online programs.

Since 2012 Stephanie has taught 12 online programs, offered 50+ online webinars and trained over 100 health practitioners to offer online programs in their own practice.

Stephanie is an expert in online health education to both clients and practitioners. She has extensive experience running programs and supporting clients in both the B2B and B2C markets.

With her dedicated coaching and support, and years of experience, Stephanie is focused on helping other health professionals grow their practice without burning out.

She shares what she's done herself in her own business supporting thousands of clients online with her professional and health-focused programs.

In this workshop, Stephanie will lead you through her step-by-step 6 pillar framework which has taken 10+ years to develop. You'll save thousands of hours and dollars so you can take your own expertise and bring it online to create impact.

You are in the hands of someone who truly knows the health profession and will help you do this right the first time.

Are you ready for a leveraged practice?

If you’re a fully booked, overworked clinician who needs a break from the one-to-one client grind, now's the time to create your program.

If you’re new in your practice or business, we have a special plan for you. Join the program and start with our Business Building and Audience Accelerator tract to grow your marketing efforts while building your program.

Not sure? CONTACT our team to discuss.

What our client's have to say...





Payment Plan for 12 months

$925 USD/Month

The Leveraged Practice Training System

Weekly personalized accountability coaching

Weekly laser coaching with Stephanie

Custom tech support with weekly Q&As

Weekly marketing & sales trainings

Private colleague community

Resource Library

Pay In Full (save 10%) for 12 months

$10,000 USD

The Leveraged Practice Training System

Weekly personalized accountability coaching

Weekly laser coaching with Stephanie

Custom tech support with weekly Q&As

Weekly marketing & sales trainings

Private colleague community

Resource Library

Questions health professionals ask before creating their Leveraged Practice


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