Cassie Drinkwalter - The Leveraged Practice

Cassie Drinkwalter
Manager of Connections & Sales/TLP Program Advisor for Online Selling

"My mission in TLP is to help you believe you can do this, during the times you don't believe in yourself"

Meet Cassie! She is our community manager and sales lead at The Leveraged Practice. Cassie comes from a wide variety of experiences, in a unique range of professions. With an exemplary Culinary Diploma and Baking and Pastry Arts she quickly learned the benefits of multitasking under extreme pressure, while working in the field.  Although she loved the culinary industry, Cassie felt called to investigate an opportunity where she could use her social skills.  Her love of people and the joy she feels by connecting and assisting others is what really motivates her; so when she moved into the hotel concierge position, in a very busy high-end hotel in the heart of Toronto, she was in her element.   However,  with her infectious smile and excellent connecting skills during her time at the hotel, she was headhunted, and recruited by an elite surgical eye centre working with patients, supporting and assisting them during their surgeries.  Cassie loves nothing more than connecting with people, understanding their needs and helping everyone she meets recognize and reach their full potential.

Cassie is a dedicated and valued member of our team.  Her sincere, supportive, and welcoming approach is appreciated by those in The Leveraged Practice and those that she comes into contact in her role. Cassie truly loves getting to know what dreams and aspirations drive those she connects with. Her commitment to assist everyone with unconditional support, and belief in people and what can be accomplished.   

She loves to push herself, and has first hand experience knowing that when you put yourself into a new opportunity it will feel “scary” but she will be the first to share that when you stay the course and always remain true to yourself, your values and combine this with hard work, and commitment you will accomplish anything you truly desire.

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