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Why The Leveraged Practice Workshop? 

You’ve had this idea for a while, but haven’t been able to take action.

Or perhaps you have several ideas for an online program and you're just not sure where to start.

You feel saturated with clients, burnt out from your current schedule and ready to change the way you work.

You're afraid to put energy and effort into this new idea, unsure if people will actually sign up - but you're ready to make a bigger impact with less hours.

The Leveraged Practice Workshop Series was developed to help you eliminate distractions and prevent you from diving deeper into rabbit holes of information. With a step-by-step framework, you'll clarify your idea, build out a program with simple technology and launch a program that clients want to enrol in.

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Online Workshop Series

Weekly, small group workshops, conveniently available online live, with the recording available within 12 hours. The workshops will lead you step-by-step through mapping your program, setting up delivery, and opening enrolment to your online program.

With 25-30 minutes of teaching, the workshop gives you an opportunity to ask direct questions, receive feedback on your ideas and get work done with your expert online health education facilitator. 


Resources to Save You Time & Money

Why re-invent the wheel. Our founder Stephanie Clairmont has developed 10 online programs and has launched over 70 times. You have access to years of tried & tested tools, templates and examples.

You learn by working through your workbook and workshops. Plus you'll receive examples, templates, guides, and other resources to save you hours and hours of time. You can even get a complete course template built for you so you can quickly install into your platform and save hours of time. 


Community Learning

Research shows that learning in community improves results, compared to working in isolation. This is just the first best practice you will learn as part of The Leveraged Practice community.

We focus on supporting registered health professionals, who are credible experts in their industry. You will be in our community of ambitious, innovative colleagues who are developing and delivering online programs right now. Together we will learn more, share results and make an impact on how health care is delivered. You have lifetime access to this community and the workshop resources.

 Your Guide & Facilitator

Stephanie has been teaching her whole life. After becoming a dietitian and starting her own practice, she quickly saw the need to leverage her expertise with online programs.

Since 2012 Stephanie has taught 7 online programs, 3 online workshops, 2 masterminds, and 50+ online webinars. She has als launched and run 2 successful online membership programs, both B2B and B2C. Stephanie focuses her attention now on helping other health professionals to develop, create and launch their online programs. She shares what she's done to support thousands of clients online with her professional and health-focused programs.

In this workshop, Stephanie will lead you through her step-by-step framework so you can take your own expertise and bring it online so more people can improve their health. You are in the hands of someone who truly knows the health profession and will help you do this right.



What to Expect

Each week you will join a live video conference workshop where your facilitator will lead in 25-30 minutes of classroom teaching followed by, 60 minutes questions, discussion and feedback. By the end of each workshop you will feel confident on what you need to do that week to move your program offering forward.

*We recommend to attend as many live teaching workshops as possible to engage with the group & facilitator*

Before We Begin (Prep-Work)

Upon enrolment you will have access to a "Prep-Work" module. In this training, you will follow along with a workbook and video class to help guide you through the market research that is necessary to create a program clients WANT to enrol in. You will get clear on the problem you solve and what your ideal clients want from you in your online program. This foundational work will get you set up for success when we start.

Workshop 1

Once you're clear on the people that need you and the problem you will solve, we will leverage your experience to build your online program. In this workshop, we focus on reformatting the transformation and adapt if for online teaching.

Workshop 2

Attention this week will be on developing your program outline and content ensuring you can support clients well in an online environment. Delivering success, just as you do offline with engagement and progression strategies.

Workshop 3

Over the next two weeks, you will use your Delivery workbook to plan out the content delivery for your clients. In this first workshop, you'll learn best practices for online education, and build in key elements to get client results.

Workshop 4

Continuing on from workshop 3, you'll learn more about technology and toosl for your program. You will establish the logistics of your online program delivery and build out your program content into your platform of choice.

Workshop 5

Our energy is directed over the next two weeks on launching your online program. We start this week with an overview of key launch components recommended for a health programs and customize it to your unique audience, position and practice.

Workshop 6

A second week on launching allows us to further plan the implementation of your launch plan, clarifying any questions from the work you completed in the last week and reviewing any components live to provide feedback.

BONUS: Office Hours

While you are working through the core 6-workshop framework, you may have additional questions or require additional time. Included in your fees are two open office hours calls with Stephanie. These can be used for technical support as you set up your program delivery, discussing launch strategy or any topic you need.

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