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6 Weeks to Launch Your Online Health Program

Why The Leveraged Practice Live Workshop? 

You’ve had this idea for a while, but haven’t been able to take action. There are just too many distractions in your life so your health program becomes the last priority. We know you’re meant for bigger things and that your clients need you. The Leveraged Practice Workshop was developed to get you moving. The workshop has been developed to keep your momentum going throughout the 8 weeks with live group calls and community learning so that you can finally launch your program effectively.


Live Workshop

Weekly, small group, live workshops to walk you through the framework and help you implement it into your own practice. You can join via telephone or video and if you miss a workshop, listen to the recording when it works in your busy schedule. The magic of these live workshops is you’ll receive instant feedback applicable to your health program and insight from other driven health professionals so you can get work done.


Online Resources to Save You Time

You’ll receive easy to follow workbooks for each section with information, tools,, templates and examples you can use in your own program development. The workbooks will guide you through a systematized way of planning, developing and launching your online program. You’ll stay on track and avoid distractions, while saving hundreds of hours of time trying to figure this out on your own. Plus you’ll get effective launch campaigns that have been tested and used in real health program launches, giving you the best tools to enrol clients into your program.


Community Learning

We only enroll health professionals working with clients right now. You’ll be among a group of intelligent and ambitious colleagues as you learn and implement together. Quality questions will be asked, strategies will be tested and shared, and together we will impact more lives and change the face of health. After the workshop you will get lifetime access to our growing community to connect with others and continue to learn as you implement, evaluate and re-launch your program over again.

 Your Guide & Facilitator

Stephanie has been teaching her whole life. After becoming a dietitian and starting her own practice, she quickly saw the need to leverage her expertise with online programs.

Since 2012 Stephanie has taught 7 online programs, 3 online workshops, 2 masterminds, and 50+ online webinars. She has als launched and run 2 successful online membership programs, both B2B and B2C. Stephanie focuses her attention now on helping other health professionals to develop, create and launch their online programs. She shares what she's done to support thousands of clients online with her professional and health-focused programs.

In this workshop, Stephanie will lead you through her step-by-step framework so you can take your own expertise and bring it online so more people can improve their health. You are in the hands of someone who truly knows the health profession and will help you do this right.



What to Expect

Each week you will join a live video conference workshop where your facilitator will lead in 25-30 minutes of classroom teaching followed by, 60 minutes questions, discussion and feedback. By the end of each workshop you will feel confident on what you need to do that week to move your program offering forward.

*Please plan on attending workshops live. Although replays are available, we recommend missing no more than 2 live workshops for best results*

Before We Begin

Upon enrolment you will have access to a bonus training on NURTURE MARKETING. This training will help you understand what to do now before you launch your program to get your audience ready.

Week 1 Workshop

Our focus will be on clearly identifying and understanding the people you will serve with your program and the problem it will solve. You will spend the next two weeks working on the activities in the workbook to get clear on this.

Week 3 Workshop

We will leverage the transformation you currently help your clients through in-person groups and one-to-one counselling to reformat and adapt it for online education.

Week 4 Workshop

Attention this week will be on developing your program outline and content ensuring you can support clients well online, just as you do offline with engagement and progression strategies.

Week 5 & 6 Workshop

Explore best practices for online education, tools and technology and establish the logistics of your online program deliver in this workshop. This is when you will spend time building out your program content.

Week 7 Workshop

Our energy is directed over the next two weeks on launching your online program. We start this week with an overview of key launch components recommended for a health programs and customize it to your unique audience, position and practice.

Week 8 Workshop

A second week on launching allows us to further plan the implementation of your launch plan, clarifying any questions from the work you completed in the last week and reviewing any components live to provide feedback.

Re-Launch Workshop

A bonus for this workshop series is to attend one of our quarterly half-day workshops on re-launching. In this workshop you’ll join a one-of-a-kind group of other health professionals who have launched online programs. You will learn how to evaluate your sales, identify what worked, what needs tweaking so that you can re-launch with increased connections, clients, revenue and success.


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