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Grow Your Practice with a Profitable Online Program

Increase Your Impact and Income


End Overwhelm

Stop letting your program idea fall to the end of your list. Get it done with a step-by-step framework, accountability and resources.


Health Focused

Learn important consideration and best practices for client care, privacy and regulations.


Get Feedback

Live workshops to facilitate action taking, group discussions and real time feedback so you know you’re doing it right.

Running a Traditional One-to-One Health Practice is Ineffective

  • You can't help enough people
  • You've maxed out your rates
  • You're always working and have no time for family
Displeased black healthcare worker using computer and reading an e-mail at doctor's office.

It's just plain wrong that you have to work crazy hours to make a living.


Take Back Control Over Your Time & Business with a Leveraged Offer

  1. Feel a sense of fulfillment in the work you do
  2. Make more money without sacrificing your life
  3. Set your schedule to work the hours you want

We understand what it's like to feel burnt out by one-to-one work. 

That's why we've leveraged our own experience to help over 100 health professionals launch online programs.


"I contacted Stephanie after a year trying to figure out how to get an online course up and running on my own. I didn't have the tech knowledge or any idea about marketing or selling myself - these are things we are not taught in school!

Stephanie's endless enthusiasm, support, knowledge and expertise was EXACTLY what I needed to take my business from a dream to reality.

After a year of running my online courses and workshops, I have had the opportunity to support almost 300 dietitians worldwide! Stephanie combines her experience as a dietitian with technical information and marketing know-how to help any dietitian feel confident developing a successful online course."

Shawna Melbourn, BSc. AHN, RD, CEDRD-S
Founder of ED for RDs: Eating Disorder Education for Registered Dietitians

"Delivering in-person courses and workshops became exhausting and time consuming but I was clueless about what a successful course required and grew frustrated trying to figure it out on my own.

Stephanie brought all the pieces of the puzzle into clear view, even pieces that I didn’t know were missing! Her insight and seamless process gave me confidence to develop my online courses and a marketing strategy for success."

Sarah Campbell, RD
Owner of ByDesign Nutrition & Health

“Stephanie provided clear strategies and systems that worked to help me launch programs to two different audiences. I’ve made back my investment, increased my income and now have a system to launch my online programs again and again.”

Nazima Qureshi, RD, MPH
Registered Dietitian & Muslim Nutrition Expert

What our clients want you to know...

Dietitian Deanna

Nutrition By Naz

Nutrition MasterClass

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1. Schedule A Call

Book a 15 minute zoom call with a member of our team to figure out if this program is the right fit.

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2. Get Coaching Feedback

Once you register for the program, follow our step-by-step training framework and access weekly coaching with our team of experts.


3. Grow Your Business

Launch your program, over and over again, to serve more clients, increase your income and your impact.

You Need A Plan to Follow

You’ve never done this before... or perhaps you tried to get started but content development, technology or something else got you stuck! Without having a step-by-step system to follow, creating a program can take years, or just not happen.

You have incredible expertise to offer that is already changing lives. Once you create your online program, you can serve more people and have more time on your hands.

Before, during and after the workshop, you’ll use a tried and tested plan used over and over again to plan, develop, implement and evaluate health programs. No more overwhelm, guesswork, or trying to figure out what to do next.


Launch Your Program


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