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Welcome to The Leveraged Practice Podcast, helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. In this podcast you'll get quick tips, insightful interviews and actionable strategies specific to the health industry. We will focus on what's working now so you can get clear on how to get your program into the hands, well, onto the screens of your client's devices. So you can make a bigger impact, change more lives and grow your practice.
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    Ep.37 Working Mamas, I See You

    If you’re a parent, does this sound familiar? Feeling guilty when you’re working because you’re not with your kids, and then feeling guilty when you’re with your kids because you’re not working? It can come down to your definition of […]

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    Ep.36 Grow Your Practice with Instagram featuring TLP Advisor Chris Emmer

    Feeling overwhelmed and unsure on how to use Instagram to connect with your audience? Or how to promote your online health program without feeling pushy? When it comes to social media, my advice to my clients is to do everything […]

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    Ep.35 Launch Without a List

    The idea of having to build an audience first before creating an online program is a bit of a myth.  If you have an existing audience, it’s super useful but it’s not the only way to create an online program, […]

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    Ep.34 Legal Considerations for Online Practice with Glenford Jameson

    I wanted to get into health to just help people and to make a difference in people’s lives. But as I have learned over the last 10 years of being a registered dietitian – there are a lot of things […]

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    Ep.33 When Your Dream Isn’t Your Dream

    It’s tricky in life to know what you want, you know? And then to work super hard to get it only to find out it’s DIFFERENT from what you thought. I want to encourage you to dream your own dream […]

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    Ep. 32: Content Strategy for Program Launches with JessCreatives

      If you’ve been looking at your website or thinking of creating your website and would love to know how to best set it up and have a strategy behind it that will help lead people to your online program, […]

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    Ep. 31: Embrace the Numbers

    When we want to look deeper at our business (or our side business), it can seem overwhelming to think about looking at the numbers, doing projections, figuring out what it is that we want to build, how it will affect […]

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    Ep.30: The $100K Mat Leave

    Some of us are afraid of the numbers and we don’t look at the spreadsheets. Some of us are not and we look at the spreadsheets.  I know that financials can be an uncomfortable topic, but we have to talk […]

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    Ep. 29: The Launch Process

    Have you wondered what exactly is a launch? And if it’s necessary to even have a launch? Did you know there are four phases in a launch? I’ve found that most people have those questions and aren’t sure what is […]

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