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Welcome to The Leveraged Practice Podcast, helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. In this podcast you'll get quick tips, insightful interviews and actionable strategies specific to the health industry. We will focus on what's working now so you can get clear on how to get your program into the hands, well, onto the screens of your client's devices. So you can make a bigger impact, change more lives and grow your practice.
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    Ep.51 Adding a Program to Your Successful Practice with Jennnifer McGurk

     Connecting online with clients and other health professionals has been such a fun experience! It’s an opportunity to learn both about their area of expertise AND how they help grow their clients’ knowledge about their bodies, while supporting them […]

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    Ep.50 Is Now the Right Time to Offer an Online Program?

     For so many of us health professionals, doing less one to one hours and doing more leveraged group programming sounds great. In fact, it sounds fantastic!  But one of the biggest concerns or questions I get is, when is […]

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    Ep.49 Leveraged Business with Deanna Wolfe

     Hearing other people’s stories is so helpful, practical and inspirational! Especially when it’s about health professionals and their journey from what work they did after their schooling to what they have done in the online space, especially with online […]

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    Ep.48 Online Program Launch Success with Jay Baum

     One of the things I love hearing is other people’s stories, since they give me inspiration, strategy and help me get unstuck from where I am! Today’s inspirational episode with my client, Jay Baum, Registered Dietitian and owner of […]

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    Ep.47 Transitioning to Online

      A question I often get from my peers and clients is about what it’s like to transition from a brick and mortar practice to having only an online practice. The short answer: It took time to figure out – […]

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    Ep.46 Program Content Overload

    Have you ever been thinking about what content you could include in your online program – and you end up feeling completely overwhelmed?   You probably feel like you have a lot of things you want to teach your clients and […]

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    Ep.45 Your Business Model

    If you’ve been listening to my podcast for a while, you know I’m a big proponent of growing and scaling your business in a way that is effective with your time.  The beginning of the year is a great time […]

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    Ep.44 Stop Health Provider Burn Out

    Let’s talk about something that isn’t addressed as often as it should be and can easily happen with health service providers…Burnout. Are you feeling burned out right now? Are you feeling like you’re getting close to it, or you are […]

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    Ep.43 Take A Rest

    Taking breaks. This is something I have struggled with forever.  I’ve always overworked, over committed and did everything. I filled every single minute and second of my day with something.  I still struggle with it now, but I’m a bit […]

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