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Welcome to The Leveraged Practice Podcast, helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. In this podcast you'll get quick tips, insightful interviews and actionable strategies specific to the health industry. We will focus on what's working now so you can get clear on how to get your program into the hands, well, onto the screens of your client's devices. So you can make a bigger impact, change more lives and grow your practice.
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    Ep.84 Pivoting a Full Practice To a Full Group Program with Marie-Pier Pitre-D’Iorio

       It’s always amazing to hear other health professionals share their stories about how they’ve changed up their practice and professional careers by creating an online program. Especially when they share what program model works best for helping their […]

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    Ep. 83 Priorities To Succeed

     When you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, there are SO many things to do…and it can be very overwhelming! Especially for those of us who haven’t been trained in marketing and sales. We’ve been trained in a health […]

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    Ep. 82 How to Launch in 30 Days

     How many ideas just get forgotten? They’re either left somewhere, rolled up in a crumpled ball and thrown into a garbage can – or they’re left in the back of our minds to do ‘someday’. How many wonderful ideas […]

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    Ep.81 How To Be Efficient With Your Time

       Managing our time just feels more challenging this year. There are only so many minutes and hours in a day and for some, it feels like they’ve lost time… On the other hand, others have actually gotten time […]

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    Ep.80 So You’ve Been Let Down

       If you’ve been let down recently or in the past by a business coach, your mentor or by someone who ran a program that you joined, you’re not alone… I’ve been talking with several health professionals lately who […]

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    Ep.79 The Big Picture

       What comes to your mind when you think of the Big Picture?? What’s the big picture goal for your working life, your business, your online program, your family, and your personal life?  We often talk about setting goals […]

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    Ep. 78 Fear of Failure

       Last week, I failed at something I did not want to fail at.  Maybe I set my expectations too high. Or it’s probably that I didn’t take my own advice that failing is just a part of life, […]

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    Ep. 77 Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars

       Going through the process of starting, building and scaling a business will inevitably lead to us making mistakes along the way.  We’re fortunate to be able to learn from each other’s mistakes and take the lessons from them, […]

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    Ep. 76 This is How You End Overwhelm

       I’ve been talking a lot about overwhelm lately – this feeling of too much on your plate and of not being able to find or make time for what you want or need to get done.  And this […]

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