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Welcome to The Leveraged Practice Podcast, helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. In this podcast you'll get quick tips, insightful interviews and actionable strategies specific to the health industry. We will focus on what's working now so you can get clear on how to get your program into the hands, well, onto the screens of your client's devices. So you can make a bigger impact, change more lives and grow your practice.
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    Ep. 65 Creating Authentic Connection in Online Programs with Rosanne Robinson

     Have you been thinking about developing an online program – but feel stuck since it feels overwhelming? I constantly hear this from many of you…and how it’s been months or even years before you start to build your online […]

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    Ep. 64 Should I Start with One to One Clients First?

     One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot recently is, “Should I start with one to one clients in my business or my practice before I develop a group program?” The short answer to this question is – […]

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    Ep. 63 Adding an Online Program to a Full Brick and Mortar Practice with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold

     I love to share stories – especially stories of health practitioners who have taken the career or business they’re been dreaming of, created a plan and made it happen.  There’s one story that I share often with my clients, […]

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    Ep. 62 Simplify Your Technology

     When you think of creating your online program, do you feel uncertain about learning the technology – and worried about the costs?  It’s something that my clients and audience are often nervous about when they are considering building an […]

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    Ep. 61 Moving a Professional Workshop Online with Michelle Archer

     Has your focus been on running in-person events, workshops or working one-to-one and you’ve wondered what the transition to online would be like? Have you had an idea for a professional development event and have wanted to run it […]

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    Ep. 60 The World Is Changing, It’s Time For You To Get Creative

     What is going on with the world?? I know for many of us, it is completely different and it feels really strange and uncertain. There are hard moments, but in all of this, I know many of you are […]

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    Ep. 59 Overcome Fears of Putting Yourself Out There with Allison Riederer

     As you probably already know if you’ve been listening to this podcast, I’m a big believer that we need more practical, strategic, amazing professional training programs for health professionals.  What I often see getting in the way of health […]

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    Ep. 58 Continue to Serve Your Clients with These Types of Online Programs

     As we navigate our new circumstances, health professionals have an even greater opportunity to create convenient support in an online program that people can access from their own homes. There isn’t just one way to do an online program. […]

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    Ep. 57 Adding Group Programs to a Brick and Mortar Practice with Suzanne Dietrich

     If you’re wondering how to transition from one-to-one brick & mortar style coaching, consulting or counseling to running an online group program, that’s what we’re covering in this episode. Today, we have one of my clients, Suzanne Dietrich Registered […]

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