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Welcome to The Leveraged Practice Podcast, helping health professionals create online programs for their practice. In this podcast you'll get quick tips, insightful interviews and actionable strategies specific to the health industry. We will focus on what's working now so you can get clear on how to get your program into the hands, well, onto the screens of your client's devices. So you can make a bigger impact, change more lives and grow your practice.
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    Ep. 75 Build It As You Go with Beth Auguste

     Hearing other people’s stories is such a great way to learn, connect, feel inspired and motivated. It’s fun to see how people started in their health career, made the decision to create an online program, launched their program and […]

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    Ep. 74 Know What You Sell Before You Build an Audience

     One of the main points that I see people struggle with before they decide to create an online program is thinking that they need to have a big audience before they can sell their program.  They believe that they […]

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    Ep. 73 Surpassing Goals with Your First Program Launch with Marilou Morin

     If you’ve been thinking of creating an online program and wondered, “Do I need a huge audience or email list?”, the answer is no. Even though you’ll focus on growing your audience as you grow your business long-term, to […]

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    Ep. 72 Social Media Strategy

     Social media is a key part of your marketing strategy. You can use it to educate, inspire, entertain – and to talk about your programs. Having a social media strategy is an opportunity to connect with people, create conversations […]

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    Ep. 71 How to Start a Successful Podcast with Jenny Suneson

     Is podcasting something that you’ve been thinking about recently? Are you wondering if starting a podcast is the right next step for you to consistently create content? Today we have my friend Jenny Suneson, owner of the Savvy Podcast […]

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    Ep. 70 Connecting to Your Audience with Consistent Content

     A struggle that many health professionals have is limited time to create consistent content, whether that’s a weekly podcast episode, a video, a blog post or dropping an IGTV. To be successful in your business, you need to have […]

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    Ep. 69 Video Production for Your Online Program with Holly Gillen

     Should I do face-to-camera? Can I do a voice-over slide deck? What kind of lighting do I set up in my work space? These are common questions that I get from my clients who want to learn or improve […]

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    Ep. 68 Avoid Bad Business Advice

     As you’re establishing, growing and pivoting your business online, there are a lot of available resources, programs and pieces of advice.  It’s so easy to get caught up, overwhelmed and distracted with all of the advice there is!  There […]

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    Ep. 67 Digital Sales Success with Megan Boitano

     For those new to selling online, they often receive the message that all they need to do is create a product, offer it and that they’ll make a lot of sales.   The truth is, the opportunities online are practically […]

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