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Ep. 13: Do I need a Coach?

500 TLP Pod Ep 13

Business coaching? When did that become a thing? … ok maybe it’s been around for decades, but doesn’t it seem like everyone is coaching right now and everyone has a coach?

I hear this question all the time in Facebook groups, and among colleagues – do I need a business coach? And not just that, but then who is the right one to hire. There are so many options and so many people are doing business coaching, you want to make sure you’re spending money on the right program, mastermind or coach. Right?

This week I wanted to release a BONUS episode of the podcast, to help you with this decision. In this episode you’ll hear my own experience in hiring coaches and what I would change. You know I love sharing my own lessons to save you time and money!

I’ll walk you through three important questions to think on, which will help you decide if right now is the time to hire a coach and help you assess what you really need to take the next step in your business.

Finally if you decide you need a coach, I’ll help you figure out how to find the coach that’s the right fit for you.

As always, I hope you find this episode super practical and useful. Let me know what you think!


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