Ep.19: Show Up for Your Online Clients - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.19: Show Up for Your Online Clients


Have you ever looked at how far you’ve come in your profession and wondered, is there another way? Another way to support more clients? Another way to keep getting them great results? Another way to leverage your time?

Years ago as I grew my practice and clients were driving hours to come see me, I sure did. I began to wonder if there was another way to reach my clients and help more people. I felt there was a gap between those who took time out of their day to drive to see me and those who wanted my help, but it didn’t quite fit into their busy schedule. 

In today’s episode, I look back on my journey from having an in-person practice to creating and delivering an online program with significant results for my clients. An online program with the right content, tools and resources can help support more people, make a bigger impact, continue to get your clients great results, all while making a leveraged income.

Although there is a great potential to make more income, we don’t want to miss the importance of delivering an incredible resource to our clients. We still want to create a program that gets people engaged and excited to go through the content and offer them the right additional support.  A way to deliver education in an engaging way.  I cover examples of what you can include in your online program AND show up in a way that impacts people.  I know you all can take your expertise and deliver incredible results with an online program!

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