Ep. 56 Shut Down or Show Up - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 56 Shut Down or Show Up

Ep 56 Shut Down or Show Up

I wanted to take some time to talk about this whole change that we’ve seen in the economy, our lifestyles and in the way that the world is currently working, from all the way from China through Europe, and right here in North America. 

There’s a lot of anxiety, there’s a lot of fear and that’s all natural. It’s normal and it’s okay to have it. It’s about what we choose to do with it.

Today, I’m sharing 3 strategies that you can do right now to pivot your practice to continue helping your clients. I talk about how we can choose to look at the extra opportunity that we have to be creative and innovative in the market and continue to show up and support people when they need us most.

So many of you have been thinking about creating an online program for a long time – and now you’ve been given an opportunity to spend time on it. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • What to do if you’re feeling challenged with working and pivoting in your business (Go back to your Why!)
  • The need to revisit your product offer (and pivot it slightly to focus on one offer that’s clear for your audience and solves a problem for them!)
  • Targeting the right audience with your offer (and how there are people still prioritizing their spending on health so they can solve their problem once and for all!)
  • What I’ve observed about some people’s spending habits right now (and how they’re being effective with their money!)
  • How to think of selling right now (and how selling from a place of service applies all the time!)
  • Strategies to continue getting work done (especially if you have kids!)

It’s time to have grace, give yourself space and be kind with yourself. Showing up right now will take some commitment. You have something special, creative and innovative so please keep showing up – and more than ever, get that online group program out there. The world needs you.

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