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Ep. 64 Should I Start with One to One Clients First?

Ep.64 Should I Start with One to One Clients First_

One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot recently is, “Should I start with one to one clients in my business or my practice before I develop a group program?”

The short answer to this question is – No, you do not need to fill up your roster with one to one clients before developing a group program. 

And…I strongly believe that online group programs can be better in most cases for your clients than one to one. 

It’s overwhelming for people to make changes and that’s why building a results-driven online program can provide more support for your clients. When you create a step-by-step program with the customization, accessibility, accountability and feedback that clients need, you can better support and guide them from starting point A to ending point Z. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • My experience with one to one coaching (and how within a few years, I realized that this model can be inefficient!) 
  • What I discovered I was doing with my one to one clients (I’m sure you find you repeat yourself over and over again, too!)
  • Ways to build in supportive elements into your online program (like accountability check-ins, Q&A calls, community conversations and more!)
  • How you can give them more information, tools and resources in your program (versus them waiting until your next one to one session!)

Whether you’re starting or you’ve been practicing in your field for one month, one year or ten years, you will continue to learn. Health will continue to evolve and the subject matter will continue to change. Everything will continue to move forward and you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and support in an online program, where you can reach people all over the world!

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