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Ep. 66 Make More, Work Less with Systems and Your Team

Ep.66 Make More, Work Less with Systems and Your Team

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I want to talk about something that can be uncomfortable for many of us in the health profession…
Somewhere along the way, many of us started to feel guilty about wanting to make money while we help people with our expertise.

Whatever your financial dreams are, I want to validate them.

It’s okay to want to make more money than you make right now.
It’s okay to want to make more money than everybody told you you can make when you graduated.
It’s okay to want to help people and make an incredible impact and make lots of money doing it, without burning yourself out.

Today, I want to talk about how as you grow, make more revenue and serve more people, it becomes incredibly important to put systems, processes and procedures into place – along with creating a team to assist you. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • The first thing that you need to make more money in less time as a health professional in your practice (it’s making sure you have a scalable offer!)
  • How to figure out if you have a scalable offer  (one that doesn’t require a lot of your one-to-one time, solves a problem people want to pay for and that it’s something that you can commit to!)
  • What the next thing is that you need to do to create more money in less time (it can’t just be you!) 
  • How delegating and building a team helps you focus on the work that only you can do (the more you market and the more you sell, the more money you’re going to bring into your business!)
  • How having systems in place will help you save a lot of time (we started with creating email templates!) 
  • The 3 action steps you can take today to move towards that goal of more money with less time (without the hustle and grind that it took me to get there!)

I believe that you have the gift, experience and expertise that the world needs  – and with the right steps, you can create more money with less time . You just need the plan, techniques and strategies, along with your commitment to get your online program out there!

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