Ep.20: Build the Business for The People with Libby Rothschild - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.20: Build the Business for The People with Libby Rothschild

Ep. 20

How do we get our audience excited to know about us, hear about us, connected to us – before we get them into an online program? There are so many components to creating, offering and supporting an online program, but just as important are the conversations that we’re having with our clients before they sign up – whether it’s a free program or not.

Today we have fellow Registered Dietitian and Business Coach Libby Rothschild, who works with Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists to grow and leverage their business. What she shares in this episode is SO valuable and relative for the entire health space, including those shifting from a local practice to a worldwide audience.

In today’s episode, Libby goes over what happens before you get people to enroll in your program and the ways to grow your audience. This is incredibly important and so connected to their success with your program, helping them complete it and getting great results. She shares incredible tips on how to implement the three basic marketing concepts: share your authentic story, know your target market and consistency.

By following the action steps that are outlined while remembering to dig deeper into and using what’s been working, your audience will get to know you – and you’ll be on the way to spreading your message and changing more lives!


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