Ep.21: Which platform do I use? - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.21: Which platform do I use?


With so many online options available to us, are you left wondering, ‘Which platform do I use when I want to host an online program?’ It’s a question I often get…but it’s not the first question you should be asking. I asked this question too when I was moving my business online and went through hours of research! 

I recommend you step back first and go through the steps to learn how to create an incredible learning experience for your clients –  which is the most important part. If we focus too much on figuring out the platform, it can block us from moving towards where we really need to start. 

In this episode, I’ll give you the answer to this question so that when you’ve gone through the foundation of creating your program, you’ll be ready to build it and offer it to the world. I go through four different ways you can teach online along with my experience and recommendations of each, and what I’m currently using. I share the few things you’ll need to make a decision between them – once you’re ready.

Figuring out the tech and getting your online program out into the world can seem overwhelming, but it’s not. You just haven’t done it before. Depending on your program, goals, clients and experience, any of these can be an appropriate solution for you. There’s no one right way and you can always move or change. Remember, what your program looks like today will be different than it will in a year!

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