Ep.22: Taking My Practice Online with Samantha Scruggs - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.22: Taking My Practice Online with Samantha Scruggs

Ep. 22

Are you wanting to create an online program but are thinking, what is my online program going to be on? If so, you’ll want to listen to this episode for tips on how to finally answer that question. 

Today we have another one of my amazing past clients, Samantha Scruggs, Registered and Licensed Dietitian who specializes in helping women overcome Anxiety. I helped her create her online program which had begun as a side hustle for her to work on her passion, and led to her deciding to take it full time last year. She shares her experience of what she went through as she was creating her online program, what she learned and some lessons that can apply to any health professional who wants to or is currently creating an online program.

In today’s episode, we have tips on how to know what program to create, whether to create it live or not and who to make that program for. We discuss what helped Samantha clarify her direction and what made her decide to go full time with her side hustle – along with the numerous pros of the one-to-many business model and my analysis of what has worked when selling my programs.

Online programs can include a lot of work up front but after you have all of the pieces, you can really see how to scale it. It all starts by having a vision of where you want your practice or clinic to be – and then committing to it. It’s definitely worth looking at the current transformation and solution you offer and how an online program can give you the opportunity to go beyond your local practice to help, educate and support more people worldwide.

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