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Ep.52 Where Do I Start?

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The question of, “Where do I even start?” is one of the biggest obstacles and struggles that many health providers have when they want to start an online program – and I don’t want it to keep you stuck.

Because it is just about getting started. 

It is just about taking one step at a time and getting your expertise, your advice, your amazing knowledge up on the internet, and in a group coaching program.

Today I’m talking about how to get started and giving you further resources, so you can take the incredible work that you are doing in the health field and increase your support for your clients and your impact on health! 

Here’s what I talked about:

  • Helping you understand where to start (and taking that first step!)
  • Resources to work through these first steps (including what book I highly recommend!)
  • The 3 questions to ask yourself to get really clear on how to get started (it all starts with Why!)
  • What to think about if there are already online programs in your area of health (reflect on why are people still struggling with that specific health issue!)
  • How to break down the right idea for your first program (which will be for a specific audience with a specific need!)

If it is the right time to create your online program, really figure out your why and where you want to go with your business. And don’t be afraid to take the steps needed to get it done. If you want your own successful, profitable business, and you don’t want to work 50-60 hours a week, then having an online group program is an incredible thing!

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