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Ep.50 Is Now the Right Time to Offer an Online Program?

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For so many of us health professionals, doing less one to one hours and doing more leveraged group programming sounds great. In fact, it sounds fantastic! 

But one of the biggest concerns or questions I get is, when is the right time to create an online program?
When is the right time to invest my energy, time and money?

You want to create the life that works for you – but you’re struggling to identify if you should take the leap to create an online program that is also engaging and results oriented for your clients.

Today, I’m answering that question. You’ll know if it’s the right time to build a program that becomes a key component of your business or practice – while giving you freedom in your schedule AND the ability to serve and make an impact in a professional way for your clients. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • How I got started with my practice and teaching (At first, it filled up all my time!) 
  • What caused me to finally make the jump to online programs (I realized my limited energy and time!)
  • My first launch of online programs (and what I learned from those!)
  • What to look for to know if now’s the right time to create your online program (while also thinking about what you want for your life and business!) 
  • What’s most important for your marketing (whether or not you have a strong social presence or a huge email list!) 

If it’s the right time for you to create an online program, you’ll have the opportunity to continue to do great work, support people to help make change in their lives and make an impact on the world! 

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