Ep. 72 Social Media Strategy - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep. 72 Social Media Strategy

Ep.72 Social Media Strategy

Social media is a key part of your marketing strategy. You can use it to educate, inspire, entertain – and to talk about your programs.

Having a social media strategy is an opportunity to connect with people, create conversations with them, answer their questions, and grow your audience so that more people are coming into your world and getting to know you and your business.

Today, I am going to share with you just some simple thoughts, insights and strategies for you to consider as you’re thinking about social media.

Here’s what I covered:

  • The point of social media (even though it’s about reaching and growing your audience, it’s not about the vanity numbers!)
  • What to include in your strategic marketing plan (and how to keep it conversational allowing you to focus on building relationships!)
  • The importance of picking just one social media platform where your audience is (and getting a full understanding of how to use it!)
  • How to position yourself as a credible authority (and connect with your audience so they are getting to know you!)
  • Ways to promote your program (and giving your audience a call to action to allow them to take the next steps!)

By creating a social media strategy, you’ll have a plan on how you are showing up every single day in your business, the steps you are taking to grow your audience and how you are getting in front of more potential clients who need your services and programs!

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