Ep. 74 Know What You Sell Before You Build an Audience - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 74 Know What You Sell Before You Build an Audience

Ep.74 Know What You Sell Before you Build an Audience

One of the main points that I see people struggle with before they decide to create an online program is thinking that they need to have a big audience before they can sell their program. 

They believe that they have no one to sell to and feel unsure on how to approach audience growth.

Today I’m talking about how you need to get clear on what you’re selling and how you’re helping people – before you build an audience. Once you have this clarity, you’ll know who your audience is, the content you’re going to create for them and can build a strategic marketing plan based on an actual product, not just an idea.

Here’s what I covered:

  • My experience with building a big email list (and how I discovered they weren’t the right audience to purchase my program!)
  • How we strategically pivoted our content plan (to help our audience and also offer our program!)
  • What you need to be clear on before building an audience (so you don’t need to guess anymore about what content you’re sharing!)
  • How launching and running your online program helps you get even clearer on your ideal audience (as you work with real people in a group setting, you’ll continue learning about how to better serve them!)

Knowing what you sell before you build your audience will give you the chance to reach the people who are looking for your expertise and support. Building an online program with the right audience allows you to make a big impact, help lots of people with your knowledge and create a better work-life balance for yourself!  

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