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Ep.47 Transitioning to Online

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A question I often get from my peers and clients is about what it’s like to transition from a brick and mortar practice to having only an online practice.

The short answer: It took time to figure out – but was completely worth it!

The long answer is what I give you in today’s episode, and describes the road I took to eventually arrive to where I currently am, teaching group programs online and using online methods to market them.

That transition to online can feel huge, overwhelming and scary and usually you have no idea how to start. If that’s how you’re feeling, remember it’s because it’s something new and we haven’t been taught how to run our practice online.

Here’s what I covered:

  • How I felt when I worked doing one-to-one patient work at a family health team (I didn’t think that I was making much impact and wanted to create my own system to help people!)
  • My first business idea was teaching people health through real food in person (I had this giant toolbox for all of my supplies that I would bring to my cooking demos!)
  • Transitioning to my own brick and mortar practice (and what led me to start to work online!)
  • 3 questions to find out if you should transition to online (they’re all based around your clients – where are they? how are they learning? and what do they need?)
  • Your marketing strategy can be multi-faceted (so don’t give up your connections or assets that you currently have in that transition to online!)

Although the transition to online feels difficult at first, be sure to pick something where your clients are showing up and learn, experiment and grow from there to finally create that online program you’ve been thinking of!

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