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Ep. 76 This is How You End Overwhelm

Ep.76 This is How You End Overwhelm

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I’ve been talking a lot about overwhelm lately – this feeling of too much on your plate and of not being able to find or make time for what you want or need to get done. 

And this idea of overwhelm has been especially present this year, with childcare and schools being canceled and workplaces shut down or moving online.

Today, I’m talking about how to reduce, and even end, this feeling of overwhelm. I want you to move from chaotic to calm, from chaotic to consistent. Your life and your business don’t have to feel chaotic, and if they feel chaotic right now, that’s because you’re lacking structure and a plan. It starts with considering your long term plan – and then what needs to be done to get there.

Here’s what I covered:

  • The truth about why you feel overwhelmed (and how you can only focus on and be really successful in two things at a time!)
  • What I have found when I’ve slowed down (often in order to succeed, I actually needed to back up, sacrifice a little bit of time and money in order for me to achieve my goal!)
  • A simple way to reduce and manage overwhelm (and what to do to figure out your priorities and commit to those!)
  • How to make something a priority for a time (you need to sacrifice with intention and it doesn’t need to be forever!)
  • How it helps to have a plan and to have a structure (and to have someone on your side cheering you along, so you can see your dreams become a reality!)

It’s important to stop trying to do everything and decide how you want your life and your business to be five to ten years from now. If you want to be working less, having a well-structured business, serving lots of clients, making good money and enjoying yourself – and you want to do that with an online program, then it’s time to move forward and prioritize that.

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