Ep. 96 Q&A with Steph: How Do We Not Oversell Our Audience The Same Program? - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep. 96 Q&A with Steph: How Do We Not Oversell Our Audience The Same Program?

Ep.96 Q&A with Steph_ How do we not oversell our audience the same program_


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If you’ve launched your online program several times to the same audience – and are concerned about launching to them once again, this episode is for you!

We’re back with answering more questions from our audience members, and today we have Kendra Miller and Tiffany Ricci, Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who work with a variety of mother athletes to support them with their health and fitness goals through individual coaching, as well as in their group program.

Today, we’re answering their question, “How do we not oversell our audience the same program?”

Here’s what we talked about:

  • How Kendra and Tiffany began working together on their group program (and how both their process and perspective changed in 2020!)
  • The first step to take to avoid selling to the same people over and over again (and that’s audience building!)
  • Upselling their current members (and using a specific strategy to segment them from the rest of their audience!)
  • What to focus on next (it’s all about fine tuning their systems!)

Building your audience is important at any stage, especially after you’ve launched your online program and plan to continue relaunching it. Implementing the strategies we talked about will assist you in bringing in more program members, while continuing to provide them the support they’re looking for!

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