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Ep.103 Should I Charge $10 or $1000?

Ep. 103 Should I Charge $10 or $1000_


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“What should I price my program?”
“Can I sell a lower priced product?”
“Do I have to sell an expensive program?”

Anything related to money can feel tricky – and these are the common questions I get asked often around pricing.

Today, I give you real actionable steps that you can take to determine the pricing of your program, because the truth is you don’t have to choose the lowest or the highest pricing. 

You can look at the market, look at your audience and decide what’s right for you and your business.

Here’s what I covered:

  • How there is not a perfect way to sell your program or course (the world needs all kinds of options and solutions!) 
  • The importance of thinking about the value of what you’re developing for your clients (and how that helps you stay away from basing your pricing decisions on fear!) 
  • The truth behind offering lower-priced products for your audience (and whether you can really offer the support your clients need!)
  • What I learned by offering different products at various price points throughout the years (I believe there is a gap in the market for high quality, results-driven educational health programs!)
  • Looking at what you want to do within your business and what results you want to get your clients (I challenge you to think about your mission, your values and what you want your business to do in the world!) 

Take some time today to take these steps to look at what you’re creating or already selling, and make some decisions about your pricing. Deciding on the pricing of your program is up to you, but you can figure it out by thinking about the value you want to provide to get your clients results, what the market needs and what your mission in this world is with your work!

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