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Ep. 87 A Full Result Program

Ep. 87 A Full Result Program

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Often being asked what we sell can make us feel uncomfortable. When we think about what we sell, we feel more like a business.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not just health practitioners, we are business owners too.

When you are developing a practice, serving clients, receiving payment for those services, growing that practice, and making more money, you are running a business.

Today, I’m talking about pivoting your one-to-one client business model to include an online program, and some of the elements that you want to think about building into a full result program.

Here’s what I covered:

  • What is a full result program (it’s where you take your services, expertise, experience,  schooling and training and structure it into a step by step framework to get your clients from a problem to a solution!)
  • How you can take your existing one-to-one work and restructure it into an online group program (so that you’re selling people what they really need to solve their problem!)
  • How to figure out the length of your program (by thinking of what your clients need to achieve results!) 
  • What to think about for your deliverables (and why stand-alone courses don’t really get results for your clients!)
  • Why providing a higher level of support is critical for your clients’ success (and how peer-to-peer learning is incredibly powerful to deliver higher results!)
  • What to consider when determining the cost of your program (and how a higher investment is going to increase commitment!)

Creating a full result online program and including the elements I outlined, can lead you to serving more people, giving them the long-term solution to their problem and changing more lives with your expertise!

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