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Ep.107 Will People Buy Your Program?

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Does the idea of building a profitable, results-based online health program that attracts and supports your ideal clients – and gives you an improved life-work balance – seem out of reach?

Although it will take work, time and a strategic plan, it’s completely possible.. and those clients are currently looking for your expertise, support and accountability to help them solve their problem.

I’m talking about real clients – not just thousands of followers on Instagram who engage a bit with your posts and never buy anything. 

Today, we’re talking about creating an online program that people will pay for. We want to start with mapping out a program that your ideal clients will purchase and get results – while also building your practice and revenue income. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • Our definition of a sustainable, profitable practice (which is having a reliable practice that will continue to grow and evolve on a long-term basis and provides recurring monthly revenue, without you having to work an extensive amount of hours or burning out!)
  • What worked for me to figure out who my ideal client was (until I got clear on that, it was hard to refine my exact message and get really specific on the problem that I solved!)
  • How the world doesn’t need just another course, book, webinar or program (your potential clients need a program that serves as the solution to their problem and helps them reach their goal!)
  • The importance of sketching out your program before you plan your launch (so you can have a program that people will buy!)

The key to your success is committing to your business, your brand and your product for the long haul – and having a results-based program that clearly solves the problem that your clients are struggling with. Using your expertise, you can build, launch and grow your online program to reach those clients as well as achieving your revenue income goals!

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