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Ep.105 How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market

Ep.105 How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market


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As health professionals, one of the biggest areas that most of us struggle with is not having a business or marketing background.

Your goals may be that you want to work for yourself, start a private practice, help more people and increase your income potential. 

But in order to really scale a business and grow exponentially into multiple six figures, you have to look at how to position yourself and stand out in a saturated market.

Today, I’m going to give you three steps (plus a sub-step) of what you can do to have your practice stand out among the many health field options that people have to manage their problem.

Here’s what I covered:

  • Your unique advantage and position in the market (which is where you fit online, within your niche, and in the landscape of opportunities for people to improve their health!)
  • The core underlying pieces in your business that you want to continuously revisit (to ensure that your messaging is spot on!)
  • How you stand out in the market with your product (and the importance of making sure it clearly offers the solution that your potential clients have been looking for!)
  • The importance of how you market yourself and promote your practice (based on the way that you show up, connect with ideal clients and tell people about what you do!)

I truly believe that every health professional should have a quality, results-based group program that offers their clients the support, community and solution for their health problem. My hope is that you take these steps and make a plan to start to create the program you’ve been thinking about. The world needs your caring guidance, expertise and support to impact the lives of those who need your help!

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