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Ep.108 From Guessing to Sold Out in 12 Hours with Selena De Vries

Ep.108 From Guessing to Sold Out in 12 Hours with Selena Devries4


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Creating an online group program for your clients can feel a bit overwhelming…

Just like when our clients want to make a change in their lives, it takes bravery and courage for us to pivot the direction of our private practice to continue helping our clients in a different and improved way.

Today, we have another incredible guest and client, Selena De Vries, Registered Dietitian and owner of Health Bean Nutrition, a private practice where she works with individuals who have been diagnosed with celiac disease.  She shares her story on how she got started and how she’s changed her approach for working with her clients by pivoting to a group program that includes personalized feedback, accountability, guidance and support. 

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Selena’s experience of being diagnosed with Celiac disease (and wanting to provide the support to others that wasn’t available through the medical system!)
  • Why she decided a group model would be helpful for her one-to-one clients and her practice (while still providing one-to-one personalized feedback AND allowing more time flexibility for a better life-work balance!) 
  • The structure of group programming and how we can really show up to support people (Selena breaks down how she offers and delivers her program, which she now has extended to 6 months!) 
  • What she did differently this time that helped this program be a success (she had strategies throughout the whole process of creating and launching her program!)
  • The results of Selena’s first launch of her program at the end of last year (she sold out in 12 hours and created a paid waitlist for her next cohort!) 

Selena’s story is a perfect example of how she took the work she was doing with her one-to-one clients, created a program using that framework, launched her group program and sold out. Since that first launch, she’s been running her program, supporting more clients and has the time flexibility to spend with loved ones, work on other projects or do anything else she wants to do!

About Selena

Selena Devries is a Registered Dietitian living with celiac disease who helps individuals discover food freedom. Healthbean Nutrition is a private practice specializing in the dietary management of celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Healthbean Nutrition is a virtual clinic and all clients are seen online.

You‌ ‌can‌ ‌find‌ Selena ‌online‌ ‌here‌ healthbean.ca 

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