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Ep.114 Best Practices for a Group Model

Ep.114 Best Practices for a Group Model


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How do you define success?

Here at The Leveraged Practice, we define success as being both profitable AND having a sustainable business. Both of these things are incredibly important and there are several best practices that we use in our company to attain these.

Today, I’m sharing with you 7 of the best practices that we’ve put together that help our clients do things right the first time, by ensuring that they’re providing an incredible program and experience that gets results for their clients – and that they’re as successful as possible.

Here’s what I covered:

  • How our mission is to refine and redefine health care and how we deliver health to our clients (whether that is in a clinical hospital setting, outpatient setting or in a practice!)
  • The importance of providing one streamlined product offer that addresses the solution to someone’s health problem (The more clear and simple the solution is, the better!)
  • Why having a clear start and stop to the solution of the problem works best for health (and the pricing structure that often works well!)
  • The important components to include in your program (which help your clients feel supported while increasing their chances of completing the program and getting results!) 
  • The reasons we don’t encourage creating DIY-study courses (your clients need your continued support and feedback as they work through their health!) 

These best practices will help you know what to incorporate in your group program so you can be sure to give your clients the help they’ve been looking for – while making the income you want, without burning out.

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