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Ep. 115 3 Practices to Customize a Group Program

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One of the things I hear the most from health practitioners and clinicians is the hesitation to move from a one-to-one model into an online group program because each client is different and unique, so they require customization when working with them.

Your best practices become your guiding principles to the way that you serve people. This means you are repeating yourself every day as you see your clients. You may have 100 different strategies in your toolbox to help your clients, therefore you must customize the experience for each client. However, many of those strategies are overlapping and could be delivered in a more efficient way. That’s why at the leverage practice, we’re so passionate about and strongly believe in, group programs and not exclusively a one-to-one approach.

We help our clients create group programs where you use customization and treat everyone like a unique individual yet allows you to stop repeating yourself. This style of program empowers you to provide group education instead of repetitive on-to-one education. The sooner we get you started delivering your online group program, the sooner you can add additional elements that will improve learning, improve the experience, and improve results.

Here’s what I covered in today’s episode:

  • 3 practices to customize your online group program.
  • How an online group program helps your client feel better supported.
  • How to scale your program and your income without adding more hours to your schedule
  • We share how collaboration could be the key to blowing up your practice.
  • Plus, a bonus pro-tip to save you time and give your clients an even better experience.

These best practices will help you know what to incorporate in your group program so you can be sure to give your clients the help they’ve been looking for – while making the income you want, without burning out.

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