Ep.23: She Told Me It's Never Been Done - The Leveraged Practice

Ep.23: She Told Me It’s Never Been Done

Ep. 23

We all have a story – or many stories – of this journey through life. Our life takes shape through all of these different phases – and each phase is like a different story with twists, turns and a variety of outcomes. 

In this episode, I share my story that I haven’t really shared much, outside of family and close friends. It’s a story of not just how I entered into health but helps to show what we’re capable of, even when our story is full of heartbreak. I wanted to tell my story to inspire, motivate and encourage you, especially if you’re in a place where you feel like you’re stuck or like you can’t get anywhere.

Sharing this story reminds me of what it is to have a dream, especially one of helping people to be well, be healthy and have better lives. What it’s like to keep that dream alive, even when we face discouragement from others and challenging situations in our lives. I knew I wanted to help others be well and felt that health and nutrition were an exciting way to make that happen – and I did. 

Whatever you’re coping with, I believe in you. I believe that you have everything you need to make that vision happen. As you hear my story in this episode, I want you to realize that if I can go through that phase in my life and make my dream happen – I know you can too and I’m here to support you!


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