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Ep.49 Leveraged Business with Deanna Wolfe

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Hearing other people’s stories is so helpful, practical and inspirational!

Especially when it’s about health professionals and their journey from what work they did after their schooling to what they have done in the online space, especially with online programming.

On today’s episode we have another of my amazing clients, Deanna Wolfe, registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Dietitian Deanna, LLC. We’ll be hearing about Deanna’s journey as a speaker, coach, lifestyle blogger, media spokesperson, and about her thriving Instagram community – and how an online program offer is now supporting her audience and growing her business!

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Deanna’s experience with being transparent online (and showing that she’s a person first!)
  • Her business journey from one-to-one work to creating an online program (after growing at a rate she couldn’t keep up with!)
  • Working with brands who are looking for health experts (and what to do if they want you to post for free!)
  • Why she pivoted from her original program idea to offering live support (staying connected with her audience helped so much!)
  • How online health education focuses on getting results in as little time as possible (and reaches way more people!) 

Deanna shares how 2019 was the year where she no longer saw her business as a ‘side hustle’ and knew she had to get over her ‘imposter syndrome’ and focus on the huge impact she was making. By empowering health professionals to think outside of the box and see the many opportunities available for us, we can reach more people who need our expertise to support them in improving their health!

About Deanna

Deanna is a nationally recognized registered dietitian nutritionist and founder of Dietitian Deanna, LLC. Deanna is a pioneer in the online space, creating a loyal followership and community through her Instagram @DietitianDeanna and blog, dietitiandeanna.com and her audience trusts her with sound nutrition advice and inspiration.

As a speaker, coach, lifestyle blogger and media spokesperson, Deanna has represented top brands like Kellogg’s, Jeep, and KIND and been featured in popular online and print resources like Health Magazine and Women’s Health. Deanna is an influencer in the nutrition field, coaching other registered dietitians and speaking at national conferences.

Deanna’s core philosophy encompasses an all-foods-fit approach and she continues to help her audience overcome rules and stress around food. Deanna is passionate about everything she does and continues to empower dietitians and end-consumers in all that she does.

You can find her online here: dietitiandeanna.com or on Instagram: @dietitiandeanna

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