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Ep. 61 Moving a Professional Workshop Online with Michelle Archer

Ep.61 Moving a Professional Workshop Online with Michelle Archer

Has your focus been on running in-person events, workshops or working one-to-one and you’ve wondered what the transition to online would be like?

Have you had an idea for a professional development event and have wanted to run it online so you can reach people outside of your community?

Today, I’m excited to have our guest, past client and fellow Registered Dietitian Michelle Archer, who mentors health care professionals by delivering the Diabetes Manager University. We worked together to successfully bring her in-person professional development programs online – and now  Michelle’s focus has continued to be on growing her client base.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • How Michelle knew it was time to bring her program online (she didn’t want to put it off anymore!)
  • The surprising benefits of bringing her in-person training online (her clients felt less overwhelmed!)
  • The results her clients are getting from her online program (and the impact of including interactive assignments!)
  • The difference between offering lower-priced vs. higher-priced programs (and how it affects the level of commitment of your clients!)
  • What she’s doing to grow her audience and sell her online program (including expanding her reach with professional associations and online groups!)

With an online program, you can reach an even bigger audience who are looking for your expertise, guidance and support. After listening to Michelle’s inspiring journey from having in-person programs to successfully launching them online, you’ll know that it’s absolutely possible for you to do the same!

About Michelle

Michelle Archer, RD, CDE has worked as a diabetes educator for over 15 years where she has witnessed how a person centered approach makes a difference in the lives of people living with diabetes. She is passionate about helping people  to use their own life experiences to guide their health journey.  Michelle also delivers the Diabetes Manager University (DMU) training program to mentor health care professionals to more effective interactions with their patients living with diabetes.  Now she is helping even more people all across Canada Learn to Make a Difference in diabetes.

You can find her online here: diabetestraining.ca or on Facebook: @diabetestraining101

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