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Ep. 62 Simplify Your Technology

Ep.62 Simplify Your Technology

When you think of creating your online program, do you feel uncertain about learning the technology – and worried about the costs? 

It’s something that my clients and audience are often nervous about when they are considering building an online program. 

Today, I’m talking about how you can take your training, current experience and professional expertise and create an online program in the simplest way possible. This is for you if you want to simplify technology, understand how to get your program created quickly and not let technology stop you. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • How it’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable with new technology (and how we can move on and get what we need done for our business!)
  • My experience with building online programs (including what it was like back in 2013!)
  • What to look for in a program platform (including the ability for your clients to do submissions!)
  • Options that are available for you to start with (if you develop an incredible program, it actually doesn’t matter as much which one you choose!)

With these strategies and simple tips, you’ll be able to get over that technology hurdle and start sharing your expertise with the world in a convenient, accessible online program!

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