Ep. 65 Creating Authentic Connection in Online Programs with Rosanne Robinson - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep. 65 Creating Authentic Connection in Online Programs with Rosanne Robinson

Ep.65 Creating Authentic Connection in Online Programs with Rosanne Robinson

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Have you been thinking about developing an online program – but feel stuck since it feels overwhelming?

I constantly hear this from many of you…and how it’s been months or even years before you start to build your online program. Hearing stories helps you to get unstuck by gaining the inspiration and the understanding of what works.

You’ll start to see there isn’t a point in delaying any longer. You just need to get out there and start doing it!

Today, we have an incredible guest, Registered Dietitian Rosanne Robinson, founder and co-owner of a private practice called Blueprint Nutrition, who also runs a specialized feeding therapy clinic with an Occupational Therapist for picky eaters. After opening her practice and seeing what the community needed in terms of pediatric care, she created an online program where she continued connecting authentically with her clients.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • The need for supportive online programs (despite all of the free resources you can find!)
  • The steps that Rosanna took to build her online program (while keeping authentic human connection!)
  • Ideas for pricing (and how to set sales goals no matter what size your audience is!)
  • Carving out the time to focus on building an amazing program (and knowing the right time to start!)

As a health expert in a world that’s saturated with questionable health information, you have such an opportunity to build an online program that provides an authentic, supportive experience for your clients!

About Rosanne

Rosanne Robinson is a Registered Dietitian and is the founder and co-owner of Blueprint Nutrition, a private practice based in Waterloo, Ontario. Rosanne’s previous work experience in clinical pediatrics (and becoming a mom herself) ignited her passion to help parents feed their children, from babies to teenagers. Through virtual and in-person one-on-one counselling and online programs, she helps families move from a state of chaos to calm at the dinner table. She also runs a specialized feeding therapy clinic with an occupational therapist for picky eaters.

Rosanne’s core nutrition philosophy encompasses an all-foods-fit approach to helping parents raise competent eaters. She is passionately committed to empowering parents with the knowledge and practical tools they need to nurture learning eaters who have a good relationship with food and their bodies.

Aside from her role as a clinician, she is a professional speaker, blogger and media spokesperson.

You can find her online here: blueprintnutrition.ca or on Instagram: @blueprint.nutrition.kids

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