Ep. 77 Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 77 Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars

Ep. 77 Avoid These 5 Mistakes to Save Thousands of Hours and Dollars


Going through the process of starting, building and scaling a business will inevitably lead to us making mistakes along the way. 

We’re fortunate to be able to learn from each other’s mistakes and take the lessons from them, often without having to make those mistakes ourselves.

Today, I’m sharing with you five mistakes that I’ve made in my business that you can avoid to save thousands of hours AND dollars. By preventing these same mistakes, you can save the headaches, hassle, and stress – and get to your goals quicker.

Here’s what I talked about:

  • The mistake I made early on (by thinking that I knew exactly who my client was and what they were struggling with!)
  • The direction I took that didn’t bring in many sales (and how it often leads to a lower commitment from your clients!) 
  • How I got really overwhelmed and scared of technology (and ended up wasting a lot of money, instead of starting with a simpler platform that already existed!)
  • How my lack of marketing and sales strategy led to not reaching the amount of people that needed my program (don’t just email your list or just create a post on Instagram!) 
  • The outcome of not having a plan that was based on my goals (I was hustling, but didn’t know when my next dollar was coming in!)

Through my business journey filled with highs and lows, I’ve created a business with an online program where I support more people, make an impact, work for myself and love what I do. I want the same for you – so you can build an online program that not only supports more people and brings in your desired income, but also meets your life-work goals!

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