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Ep. 88 $0 to $40K with Online Group Programs

Ep. 88 $0 to $40K with Online Group Programs

Have you ever wanted to see inside a practice or a business that provides online group programs? It can be really helpful to understand what it takes to make a successful income in this type of business.

Over the next three podcast episodes, I’m giving you a look behind the curtain of what a business looks like when it goes from zero dollars to half a million in yearly sales.

Today, I’m starting by taking you on my journey from zero to $40,000 and covering what you need in your business to get started making sales with an online program. 

Here’s what I covered:

  • What strategies to use to start increasing your yearly sales (and what I did in my business!)
  • How you first need a concrete idea that you have vetted (so you know that it’s a program that solves a problem and fills a gap in the market!)
  • How the next thing you’re going to need is your product (just remember that this will not be your final version!)
  • Why it’s important to get in front of other audiences (this can even be colleagues and peers!)
  • The need for a very easy sales process (this helps you get started!)

The goal is to keep what you need as simple as possible as you move from zero to $40K. Things will change as you grow and what you’re doing today doesn’t have to be exactly what you’re doing five years from now!

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You’ll accomplish these 3 things:

  • Identify the Problem: So that your program can be the solution and you can change lives.
  • Focus on the Right People: Define your ideal client who will actually want to buy your program (not just people wanting free stuff).
  • Position Your Program: Establish the key language to set you apart in the market and make sales.

You’ll also be held accountable with daily email check-ins connecting with you about your work, giving you feedback and additional resources to support you!

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