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Ep. 89 $40K to $100K with Online Group Programs

Ep. 89 $40 to $100K with Online Group Programs


I believe the first stage of launching an online program is getting proof of concept and building from $0 to $40K a year in sales. 

Then you can focus on growing to six figures by modifying, improving and evolving the strategies that you’ve been implementing in your business (What I say to my clients in The Leverage Practice program is that we layer).

In this 3-part podcast series, I’m giving you a look behind the curtain of what a business looks like when it goes from zero dollars to half a million in yearly sales.

Today, I’m focusing on what you need to do to grow from $40K to $100K in sales, and how you can start to function more as a business as you move into the second or third version of your program.

Here’s what I covered:

  • The importance of getting evaluation feedback and evolving your program (you will not get to $100K+ if you don’t do this consistently!)
  • How I needed to start hiring help and who I hired first (since it started to become a challenge to switch from CEO to front line provider!)
  • Getting very strategic with your content and brand on social media (and positioning yourself as a real expert in your area!)
  • Your plan for selling consistently (this can mean selling weekly – or even daily!)

The points I cover, if implemented, can bring you into that six figure business model. Taking these steps will allow you to show what you sell, what you do, how you work with clients and how you can make an impact on their lives!

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You’ll accomplish these 3 things:

  • Identify the Problem: So that your program can be the solution and you can change lives.
  • Focus on the Right People: Define your ideal client who will actually want to buy your program (not just people wanting free stuff).
  • Position Your Program: Establish the key language to set you apart in the market and make sales.

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