Ep.100 Meet the CEO: An interview with Stephanie (Me!) - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep.100 Meet the CEO: An interview with Stephanie (Me!)

Ep.100 Meet the CEO_ An Interview with Stephanie (Me!)


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Today, we have a special episode for you. To mark our 100th episode of The Leveraged Practice Podcast, I’ve asked you, our listeners and clients, for questions on what you want to hear from me – and asked Erica Drewry, from Aligned Nutrition to interview me!

We’re going to take you behind the scenes of my life to answer your questions and talk about the struggles of growing a business, lessons I’ve learned along my journey and how I’ve created my business to fit the life-work balance that works for me.

Here’s what I talked about:

  • What it was like during that first year of business (and how my desire to build something I loved that was profitable, where I could create the life I wanted to live and impact the world with my message kept me going!)
  • What changed for me once I started to have children (and how I’ve learned over time to build a really profitable and sustainable model to create more freedom in my life!)
  • How I transitioned from one to one to in-person group sessions to online group programs (and how I pieced together everything I was learning, struggled through testing it all and eventually created a proven framework!)
  • What my favorite thing is about running a business (and how I incorporated that to support my clients even more!) 
  • How I manage my time for self-care, family and business (including our after-dinner family dance parties filled with a lot of Disney music!)

My hope is that you connected to a part of my story or learned something from my journey of struggles and successes – and are inspired to take action on what you learned, as we all continue on our own journeys to impact the world!

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