Ep.84 Pivoting a Full Practice To a Full Group Program with Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep.84 Pivoting a Full Practice To a Full Group Program with Marie-Pier Pitre-D’Iorio

Ep.84 Pivoting a Full Practice To a Full Group Program with Marie-Pier Pitre-D'Iorio.

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It’s always amazing to hear other health professionals share their stories about how they’ve changed up their practice and professional careers by creating an online program.

Especially when they share what program model works best for helping their clients get the results they need, while at the same time working towards achieving their desired life-work balance.

Today, we have another incredible guest and client, Marie-Pier Pitre-D’Iorio, Registered Dietitian who has a private practice where she works with people with eating disorders and disordered eating. She is a great example of how she invested in herself to create an online program for her practice, not just financially but with the energy, time, commitment and grit to pursue it successfully – and now she feels like her business has grown tenfold in the last year!

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Why Marie-Pier began to consider creating an online program (she saw it was the perfect way to scale her practice, without endless hours of one-to-one client work!)
  • The questions to reflect on as you think of creating an online program (such as making sure that it’s something you’re excited about!)
  • The details of what’s included in the online program that Marie-Pier created (and why it’s a 6-month long program!)
  • How to focus on getting results for your clients (and how to help them stay committed to your program!)
  • How Marie-Pier has evolved her marketing and sales (and how she started with a small audience and had an amazing first launch!)

Marie-Pier’s story shows us how pivoting her practice from one-to-one client work to an online program has given her the opportunity to grow her business, so that she can use her time and energy to reach and support many more clients!

About Marie-Pier Pitre-D’Iorio

Marie-Pier, is an anti-diet Registered Dietitian with a B.Sc. in Psychology and the founder of The Balanced Dietitian. She is passionate about helping folx discover how to nourish their bodies without guilt, shame or restrictions. She strives to provide evidence based nutrition interventions to all her clients and support them in their recovery journeys. You can spot Marie-Pier on local news, radio stations and giving presentations to different organizations on nutrition!  She is the host of The Balanced Dietitian Podcast where she provides listeners a different approach to nutrition. Marie-Pier offers one on one counselling as well as an online group program.

You can find her online here: thebalanceddietitian.com  or on Instagram: @the.balanced.dietitian

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