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Ep.111 How to Use Content to Attract the Right Audience

Ep.111 How to Use Content to Attract the Right Audience..


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Whether you’re starting your business or have been running your practice for years, there usually are several things that we spend time on that either:

  • we don’t need to do in our business
  • don’t directly impact the results we’re working towards

One of these areas that often is a struggle is being productive with the time we spend on marketing.
Another one is having the strategy behind knowing how to find – and talk – with the right people.

Today, I’m giving you some action steps to effectively start to plan out and develop the content for all the different stages of your marketing, in order to attract the right people towards you. It’s all about what you’re sharing and the content that you’re posting about.

Here’s what I covered:

  • How having a cohesive marketing funnel with relevant content will allow you to market yourself effectively (and not waste time, energy or money!)
  • The importance of having content that speaks to your ideal customer (this starts from the beginning when you are bringing new potential clients into your audience!) 
  • Why you need to get clear on what the first steps of working with you are (so that you can talk to your ideal client who is just getting to know you and your process!)
  • How you need to continuously hear what your ideal clients are struggling with (and then bring that forward into your content plan!)
  • How content does not need to be reinvented over and over again (since it can be repurposed and reused – so you can be efficient with your time!)

It’s incredibly important for you to master what the beginning of your ideal client’s journey looks like. By doing that and listening to what they’re struggling with, you can start to build out a content plan that you can use throughout your marketing funnel to ensure you are reaching your ideal audience!

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✔️ Make more sales from the effort you put into your marketing

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