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Ep.112 Do You Need a Lead Magnet for Your Business?

Ep.112 Do You Need a Lead Magnet for Your Business (1)

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You’ve bought a lot of things in your life – but yet, many clinicians and health practitioners are often uncomfortable with asking people to buy their services and programs. 

There definitely are some things that have hindered our ability to understand marketing and selling as a positive way to make an impact on people’s lives, and how it’s critically important to share with people why they need to commit to, sign up for and take action on what you offer in order to change their health and their lives.

When it comes to your business and helping people make that decision, there are steps that need to come before they land on your website services or sales page and that includes creating a free lead magnet so that they can ‘try on’ what you offer. 

Today, I’m giving you five strategies of simple things that you need to do right now to create a lead magnet and make it work for your business.

Here’s what I covered:

  • What a lead magnet is (it’s a free piece of premium content that is valuable for your audience to get to know, like and trust you!)
  • The importance of making sure your lead magnet is about the first step in the journey (since your ideal clients are at the beginning of that journey!)
  • How to make a lead magnet work in your business today (it needs to be the right size so it’s easy to consume!)
  • How you need to determine the delivery style that works best for your audience (so that your information gets them to take action and take that little step forward!)
  • What it means to have a landing page that converts (where it’s quick and easy for your audience to give you their details!)
  • The need to have a Call To Action – also known as a CTA – as the next step (you need to guide them where to go next!)

Your lead magnet is a very important part of your overall marketing funnel that’s going to get people who are new to you to engage with your brand, like you, trust you and be interested in working with you. These five strategies that I outlined are necessary for you to get this lead magnet out in the world, so that people can get to know you, ‘try on’ what you sell and start making the decision to work with you.

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The biggest question many health professionals have is on growing your audience and marketing your business so that followers turn into clients. SO you can:

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✔️ Make more sales from the effort you put into your marketing

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