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Ep. 116 5 Techniques To Ensure Your Program Is The Best That It Can Be

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Here at The Leveraged Practice, we exclusively work with clinicians and health professionals to help them offer online programming in the health field. We find that offering that first version of a program is really challenging for you… Why?

There is a risk of overthinking, overplanning, and stressing about perfectionism in the first version. Whether our clients spend 6 weeks or 6 months on their group program, we see they still need to evaluate and modify this program into an advanced version.

Your program needs to have a first version, a beta version so that you can learn about supporting your clients in this way and evolve into a better model. It’s why we encourage you to get started in this area as soon as possible and add a group online element to your practice as soon as possible.

In today’s episode, I give you 5 techniques to help you evaluate and evolve your program into the best version it can be.

Here’s what I talked about:

  •       How to evolve your program through client feedback
  •       The importance of individual feedback from your enrolled patients
  •       How qualitative data can be just as helpful in validating and evolving your program

As you build or grow your practice, you may be looking at developing online learning for your clients. This gives you the opportunity to provide support in the different ways that people learn while inspiring them to show up during the times that are convenient for them – so they have the chance to connect and clearly see the value of your expertise and support!

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