Ep. 60 The World Is Changing, It's Time For You To Get Creative - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 60 The World Is Changing, It’s Time For You To Get Creative

Ep.60 The world is changing, it's time for you to get creative

What is going on with the world??

I know for many of us, it is completely different and it feels really strange and uncertain. There are hard moments, but in all of this, I know many of you are finding some silver linings.

It’s challenging us to think about what we’re currently doing, how it’s changing the world and how to reach the people who are looking for our help right now.

Today, I’m talking about the huge opportunity you have to get your online program out there quickly and the long-term impact of what this means for our entire planet. It’s interesting how our world is changing and how people are consuming information, seeking support services, and what help they’re willing to pay for.

Here’s what I covered:

  • What I’ve been reflecting on and what this all means for health (whether you’re planning to start a health practice or have had one for 20+ years!)
  • How people are now turning even more to the internet (what an incredible opportunity for the world to move forward!)
  • What it was like when I started to offer online programs (I didn’t even have a brand or website!)
  • 3 action steps to take right now towards making your online program idea a reality (including specifically reflecting on the changes in the health area that you work in!)
  • How there are no limits on your income goals with an online program (as long as you’re fulfilling a need!)

If you’ve been thinking about creating an online program for a while, there has never been a better time to do so. It’s time to be innovative and creative and change your business, change the way you support people and change your life. Take this opportunity where we’re all in our homes connected to the internet more than ever  – and bring your online program into the world!

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