Ep. 63 Adding an Online Program to a Full Brick and Mortar Practice with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold - The Leveraged Practice

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Ep. 63 Adding an Online Program to a Full Brick and Mortar Practice with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold

Ep.63 Adding an Online Program to a Full Brick and Mortar Practice with Kelly McDonnell-Arnold

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I love to share stories – especially stories of health practitioners who have taken the career or business they’re been dreaming of, created a plan and made it happen. 

There’s one story that I share often with my clients, as an example of when developing an online program was the right next step and fit perfectly with a growing and successful practice.

Today, I’m excited to have our guest, my dear friend and client, Kelly McDonnell-Arnold, Sex and Relationship Therapist, Founder of a collaborative private therapy practice called Bliss Counselling, and Co-Founder of Sexology International, join us to share that story.

Kelly started recognizing through her client work that most people didn’t have a reliable place to get the credible information and knowledge they needed. Her and her colleague saw how repeating this information to their clients was taking a lot of time, so creating an online program could fill this gap in the market while also offering more support for their clients.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • What to think about as you near your time and/or emotional capacity for seeing clients (especially if you’re thinking, “Wow, I don’t want to see 30 clients a week or have 40 hours a week of client time, so what else can I do?”)
  • Kelly’s first version of her program (and what she learned about incorporating accountability and extra support as they go through the content!)
  • Knowing how much content to include in your program (and the difference between giving them everything you want to tell them versus what they want to hear and need!)
  • Kelly’s most important marketing tip (which involves leveraging other clinicians and supporting each other!)
  • How teaching online is really about speaking to the individual (and how that resonates so differently for your clients!)

Even if you have a busy, successful practice and it feels overwhelming, you can still create your online program to grow your practice, have an additional income stream and provide another option to support your clients!

About Kelly

You can find Kelly online here: bliss-therapy.org or on Instagram: @blisscounselling

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