Ep. 67 Digital Sales Success with Megan Boitano - The Leveraged Practice

Ep. 67 Digital Sales Success with Megan Boitano

Ep.67 Digital Sales Success with Megan Boitano

For those new to selling online, they often receive the message that all they need to do is create a product, offer it and that they’ll make a lot of sales.  

The truth is, the opportunities online are practically endless but they need to be approached strategically, to build a long-term product that both supports your audience and aligns with the lifestyle you desire.

Today, we have another incredible guest, Registered Dietitian Megan Boitano, private practice owner and founder of RD2RD, where she helps dietitians leverage their expertise and generate passive income with digital products. She considers herself a second career entrepreneur who saw the need for a digital marketplace where dietitians could buy and sell resources that they created – and brought this idea to life! 

Here’s what we talked about:

  • The importance of continued market research and giving your audience what they need (it’s how you’re going to stand out with any product that you bring to the market!)
  • How we’re continuously learning and how we can’t wait to have it perfect before we take action on our idea (if you’re delivering a solution and you’re resonating with your audience, you will continue to grow!)
  • The basics of selling online (by taking proven strategies, we can bring our ideas into the world!)
  • Online technology (it’s about focusing on what you need versus all that the tech tool or program can do!)
  • How a clear process allows you to be simple in your approach (it’s a good idea to have manual processes until you know that they’re working, before automating!)

As health professionals, we have the extensive opportunity to create a solid income while supporting our clients. We need to narrow down our idea, validate it, commit to it and move forward with a focused plan!

About Megan

Megan Boitano, MS, RD, LDN helps dietitians leverage their expertise and generate passive income with digital products. She is the founder of RD2RD, digital marketplace for RDNs to purchase and sell original, digital goods such as nutrition handouts, presentations, webinars, books and more. Megan is also a private practice owner specializing in pediatric nutrition and sensory-based feeding issues.

You can find her online here: rd2rd.com  or on Instagram: @rd2rd_marketplace

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