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Ep. 68 Avoid Bad Business Advice

Ep.68 Avoid Bad Business Advice

As you’re establishing, growing and pivoting your business online, there are a lot of available resources, programs and pieces of advice. 

It’s so easy to get caught up, overwhelmed and distracted with all of the advice there is! 

There are podcasts, magazines, blogs and Facebook groups with people positioning themselves as experts and sharing business advice. The issue is when this advice is based on people taking guesses, and not based on actual results.

Today, I’m giving you tips on how to avoid taking bad business advice and how you can become more comfortable making business decisions.

Here’s what I covered:

  • How we must remember how important it is to look at the research (keeping quantity, quality and time span in mind!)
  • What questions to consider when you want to work with someone to guide you in your business goals (including what do you need next?)
  • The importance of narrowing down who you follow and making sure you’re picking someone who has achieved what you’re striving for (it’s better to keep it to 1-2 people!)
  • Getting clear on a focused plan for the next 12 months (and making sure you’re implementing what you’re learning!)

Remember, there is not just one way of doing something. There isn’t just one person, one tactic, or one system that you have to follow to get the results you want. You don’t need to learn everything all at once, just focus on what you need first to create that online program you’ve been envisioning!

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